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Meet Mailify. 5 Tips For Getting Started With Your First Email Campaign.

The wait is over, welcome to Mailify. 5 tips to help you get started with your first Mailify responsive email campaign: Freemium: If you’ve just downloaded Mailify for the first time, your software automatically comes with 1,000 free email credits right ‘out of the box’. There is also no limit to the amount of contacts you can upload, […]

5 Mailify Features To Be Thankful For

As we do each year around Thanksgiving, we’re spending time reflecting on our lives, our families, friends, and everything else we have to be thankful for. However, this Thanksgiving in particular has an added level of excitement for the Mailify team. As we prepare for the the US launch of our responsive email marketing app […]

Static Vs Responsive Email: The Undeniable Difference

Here at Mailify we talk a lot about the benefits of responsive design, and responsive emailing in particular. However, we recognize that sometimes the technical details and statistics don’t quite have the impact that real-life images and examples do. Last week, our subscribers and beta-testers received an email from us simply updating them on our progress and […]

What Is Responsive Email & Why Does It Matter?

Have you ever tried to open an email on your phone, only to realize it’s too difficult to see? You spend the next few minutes pinching and zooming with your fingers trying to enlarge the text, just so you can read it! Chances are you end up reading very little – if any – of […]