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< = >. Or how less can be MORE for email marketing

Did you ever know someone who was over-keen? Who didn’t respect your space? Maybe they (sometimes) had something valid to say, but in the end you just had too much and tried to avoid them somehow.  As marketers, we have to be careful not to fall into this category with our email campaigns. It’s a […]

How to know if it’s working: test it!

Every time you do a marketing campaign, it’s a great opportunity to see what works…and what might work better!   «The classic way to know if it’s working is to test.  Never trust your hunches.» Paul de Fombelle, General Manager of Mailify Latin America & Spain. An A/B split test is when you take two randomly […]

How to create irresistible emails. Add 1 key ingredient: customer reviews (and chocolate)!

Why is the above mail so irresistible? Because of the mouth-watering chocolate cake, with bittersweet chocolate frosting…?  (You can see the full version, by King Arthur Flour here) No!  It’s because it contains clickable customer reviews.  Reviews and rankings by existing customers are valued highly by your other subscribers.  It stands to reason, customers don’t have to take […]

What type of marketer are you? The 7 types…

So which type are you?  Do you recognize friends or coworkers?  Feel free to share 😉    

How to manage newsletter opt-outs…and make a lemonade out of lemons

First of all how about catching your readers before they become unsubscribes? Topman takes a pro-active approach and monitors whether emails are opened or not.  If you don’t seem to be engaged in their newsletters, Topman sends a humorous message: And Victoria’s Secret is also  upfront about whether you wish to receive their communications or not, by […]