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{Infographic} 10 Ingredients For Successful Email Marketing

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Just like the recipe to your favorite meal, here is a ten part recipe to ensuring a successful email marketing campaign. Bon Appétit!

tips for good email marketing
10 Ingredients For Successful Email Marketing

  1. The Preheader: The first text your readers will see. Keep this text short and enticing so your viewers want to keep reading.
  2. The Logo: Readers should immediately recognize who the email is from.
  3. Quick Contact: Your recipients should be able to quickly and easily contact you. Add a phone number by text or link so a reader can simply click to call you.
  4. Catchy Header: This is your chance to make an impression. Make sure your header is in a text format, so you don’t worry about image visibility.
  5. Call To Action (CTA): The call to action is the ultimate goal of your email campaign – what you want the reader to do. For best results, make sure your CTA is created in HTML format.
  6. Text/Image Ratio: A large percentage of personal and professional email users do not have their inboxes set to automatically download images. Don’t leave them starving for content!
  7. Personalization: A special recipe for each reader: customize the content of the email with information that is directly related to their preferences.
  8. Mobile Version: It’s vital to optimze your email campaigns for every device your readers may be using.
  9. Opt-Out Link: Too sweet for their taste? Your readers must be left with the opportunity to opt-out of future emails if they want to.
  10. Campaign Preview: Always taste your creation! A successful campaign must be viewed properly in all email messaging services.

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