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Email Marketing Infographics

Do you want to know more about email marketing? We invite you to discover our email marketing infographics.
Know visually and dynamically everything about emailing campaigns, creating newsletters, mass mailing, etc.
What do you expect to learn in a simple way the communication technique that is revolutionizing digital marketing?

[Infographic] Mailing and GDPR: learn everything about the new European Regulation on data Protection

In May 2018 the famous GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation, will enter into force. What this new law tries to steer is, basically, to strengthen the protection of Internet user’s personal data. Many articles have already discussed this issue, and they predict this regulation is going to greatly affect email marketing professionals and its […]

{Infographic} Advantages Of Email Marketing For Realtors

The real estate industry has been around for a long time and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The same goes for email marketing: it’s one of the first channels to prove itself during the digital era, and is still one of the most popular marketing methods available today for communication with customers and prospects. Leverage […]

The Emailing Dead. Tips To Avoid Ending Up An Email Zombie

Recently there has been a dramatic rise in email zombies roaming around in readers’ inboxes. They are void of any intelligence, impersonal and sometimes dangerous. Email zombies spring up out of nowhere and pile high in your inboxes, causing them to become inhospitable wastelands. Don’t succumb to the virus!   1. Have a gameplan The first […]

{Infographic} 6 Email Marketing Traps Resulting In Game Over

Are you an email marketing pinball wizard? Make sure your email campaigns don’t fall into one of these traps that is sure to lead you straight to game over. 6 Email Marketing Traps Resulting In Game Over: No Personalization: Personalize your emails to stay out of the email blast black hole. Personalized subject lines see open […]

{INFOGRAPHIC} B2B Email Marketing In The USA

It’s one thing to know who opened your email, but what about how long they engaged with it? Did they just read it quickly, or in-depth? From their phone or computer? Mailify’s email marketing software makes this kind of data available for each of your email campaigns so you can make informed decisions about your […]