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Email templates for Mother’s Day

Email templates for Mother’s Day

Mother’s is round the corner. And this date isn’t just a day to treat your mom extra well, but if you’re a business owner this date in the calendar also has serious commercial potential. Mother’s Day is a commercial and marketing in the year. So make sure you’re prepared. In need of some inspiration to […]

New email templates for father’s day

Now that Mother’s Day is over, it’s time to think about your marketing email communications for another highlight of the year: Father’s Day. Although less publicized and a little less celebrated than Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is still a must-attend event. Are you ready to put Dads in the spotlight on June 16? What could […]

Email newsletter templates for Fall? Halloween, Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

We all know that Winter is such a good time to send seasonal email marketing campaigns; we celebrate Christmas in December and Valentine’s Day in February. Then, during spring, we have Easter and Mother’s Day, and even during summer, the holidays and our summer break arrive and it’s simply a great excuse.   But… what […]