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5 Mailify Features To Be Thankful For

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As we do each year around Thanksgiving, we’re spending time reflecting on our lives, our families, friends, and everything else we have to be thankful for.

However, this Thanksgiving in particular has an added level of excitement for the Mailify team. As we prepare for the the US launch of our responsive email marketing app for small businesses, we reflect on some of our favorite features we (and our future clients) are thankful for:

1. Responsive Emails For Responsive Businesses

Mailify’s pre-built templates and EmailBulder template creator make it easy for users to create highly effective, well-designed email campaigns that look great on all devices. We’re thankful that your email campaigns no longer require zooming and squinting to be read on mobile devices – and so are your readers. (related: What Is Responsive Email & Why Does It Matter?)

ab-testing-for-email2. A/B Testing, Because Sometimes We Just Aren’t Sure

You know your business. You know your customers. But sometimes, you just aren’t sure which messaging will best resonate with your readers. Will they respond to the button that says «learn more» or the one that says «check it out«; are they more likely to open an email with a question in the subject line, or a personalized statement?  We’re thankful that easy to use split-testing lets our clients make the most out of each and every email campaign.

3. Statistics I Wanted, And Some I Didn’t Know I Needed

While the overall theme of Mailify is simplicity, there is no shortage of analytics available to the data-driven email marketer.  Clicks and opens are great, but what about how long the user spent engaged with the email? Did they open it on a desktop, or mobile device? What about Apple or Android? New York or California? We’re thankful for being able to provide all of the statistics our clients need to make informed decisions and analysis of their email marketing campaigns.


4. See How You Look In The Inbox, Before Getting There

There are a ton of programs available for users to view and manage their email. Each one of them has their own rules and settings that may affect the display of your email campaign. Our inbox preview allows you to see how your campaign will look in each one of these possible scenarios, before it’s too late to make any necessary adjustments. We’re thankful that our clients always look good.

5. Email Auto-correction, Because Typos Happen

You’ve typed your email address a lot. So much, in fact, that you don’t even think about it any more – it’s like second nature. The problem is, you move so quickly that you fail to recognize the occasional typo. Maybe while Bob was filling out the form on your website, was entered as This is a harmless mistake – except for the fact that now Bob is on your mailing list incorrectly, resulting in a bounce and missed opportunity.  With Mailify, we’ll automatically let you know that we think should really be; resulting in an fewer bounces and missed opportunities. We’re thankful that helping you fix typos increases the efficiency of your list by an average of 5%.

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