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Meet Mailify. 5 Tips For Getting Started With Your First Email Campaign.

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The wait is over, welcome to Mailify.

5 tips to help you get started with your first Mailify responsive email campaign:

Freemium: If you’ve just downloaded Mailify for the first time, your software automatically comes with 1,000 free email credits right ‘out of the box’. There is also no limit to the amount of contacts you can upload, so feel free to share the love! If you haven’t downloaded Mailify yet, you can get it here.

Responsive Templates: If you’re looking to save some time, be sure to take advantage of the great selection of responsive templates that come pre-bundled with Mailify. Select a template that looks like it uses a structure that will suit your needs, and then customize the design and content!

free responsive email templates
Mobile Preview: Save time and credits by previewing the mobile version of your template before sending a test (or your real campaign). This feature is available from within Mailify’s EmailBuilder, and will even allow you to edit the template directly from the mobile version – streamlining the process altogether.

Extensions: Mailify offers a variety of extensions to our clients, with more currently in development. Don’t forget to activate these extensions, and then take advantage of some their great features like A/B testing, Google Analytics Integration, and Inbox Preview.

extensions for email marketing
Auto-correct Email Addresses: A little bit of Mailify magic happens when you add contacts to one of your mailing lists; our software will automatically analyze your database to correct possible misspelled email addresses. For example, if one of your contacts is accidentally entered into your list as, Mailify knows you probably mean By using this quick analysis tool, you can reduce the amount of lost subscribers due to typos and human error!

email address autocorrect

Now you’re ready to hit the ground running! Stay tuned for more tips on optimizing your email marketing campaigns, and insight into some of Mailify’s awesome email marketing features.


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