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How to use data to boost personalization in marketing

It’s difficult to overlook the advantages of personalization. For organizations with a lot of income from digital marketing, personalization can have an immensely positive outcome on important marketing KPIs. But what are the real benefits of personalization, and how to use data on this process?    Why personalization of web and email content?    Improving […]

The Best Time To Send Your Newsletters

Here it is, you have the perfect campaign and you’re ready to send your newsletters. You have examined it carefully: the quality of the content, awesome catchphrase, pleasant design… You’re sure that you haven’t made any mistakes and you’re ready to send your campaign to your recipients. Wait a second! There is one small detail […]

Key Statistics In Email Marketing

Planning an email marketing strategy is not just about creating campaigns and sending them. It’s an entire phase of analysis essential to understand the issues of email marketing.   Statistics To Create Effective Email Marketing Campaign   We bring you a list of basic and most important statistics for your business that can contribute to […]