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5 Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips To Boost Sales

As an online store, you probably already know that email marketing represents the best opportunity for you to capture the «low hanging fruit» and boost sales. Email accounts for 5-10% of all ecommerce transactions, so with a database of current, former, and potential customers – the possibilities are endless! Lets look at a couple of our favorite […]

{Infographic} 6 Email Marketing Traps Resulting In Game Over

Are you an email marketing pinball wizard? Make sure your email campaigns don’t fall into one of these traps that is sure to lead you straight to game over. 6 Email Marketing Traps Resulting In Game Over: No Personalization: Personalize your emails to stay out of the email blast black hole. Personalized subject lines see open […]

Why We’re So Passionate About Our Deliverability

Ok, I’ll admit it. The team over here at Mailify really loves to talk about deliverability. But, to be fair, we have good reason to be so excited – and so do you. Before we can discuss why, we need to simply explain what we mean by deliverability: Devlierability is the sum of all factors related […]

{INFOGRAPHIC} B2B Email Marketing In The USA

It’s one thing to know who opened your email, but what about how long they engaged with it? Did they just read it quickly, or in-depth? From their phone or computer? Mailify’s email marketing software makes this kind of data available for each of your email campaigns so you can make informed decisions about your […]

Tutorial: Creating Your First Campaign

Ready to start sending incredible responsive email marketing campaigns? You’ve come to the right place. This quick tutorial video will help make sure your first responsive email campaign goes off without a hitch! Don’t forget – if you have any problems getting started that aren’t covered in this tutorial, we have a real live human […]