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Email Design Tips

Email design: how to make the best of your emails so that they look good and have an optimized performance.

Unsplash & Mailify: millions of images at your fingertips

Unsplash & Mailify: millions of images at your fingertips

There is a reason why it is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. The impact and effectiveness of your newsletters depend in (large) part on the visual elements you use. The images, just like your texts, must help to transmit your message, to communicate an emotion and to touch your audience. […]

How Do People Respond To Font Sizes and Line Length In Email Marketing Design?

When it comes to web and email design, layout is critical. Using font sizes that are too small or large makes your page become unreadable. As a general tip, maintaining your website or email’s usability is the result of having an clean design with a logical flow of information. After reading many articles on the matter, it […]

{Infographic} 7 Ways To Attract Readers With Your Email Campaign

Struggling with ways to attract and engage your email subscribers? Don’t leave it to the ‘luck of the Irish’ – here are 7 ways to attract and engage your readers.   Strong Personalization Don’t rely on luck to grab attention. Personalizing emails with hyper-relevant information is sure to peak their interest. Success Stories Show readers […]