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Help and advice for making the most of your email marketing campaigns and using Mailify’s email marketing software to the fullest.

Automation: create a follow-up scenario for the recipients of your campaigns

Scheduling a follow-up scenario often requires setting up a new email campaign. This means configuring all the settings of your campaign again, then programming the message to be sent to a portion of the contact list from a previous campaign that you have segmented according to your criteria (opened/clicked/did not open/did not click, etc.). With […]

[Tutorial] Create a B2B prospecting email “Outlook” style with Mailify

Create a B2B prospecting email “Outlook” style with a professional solution Even though sending out professional emails with Outlook is a big no-go, sending out emails that look like they were written at Outlook can have a drastically negative impact in terms deliverability – especially in B2B. A strictly-text email can, sometimes, feel much more […]

[Tutorial] Creating SMS marketing campaigns with Mailify Sunrise

Sending SMS marketing is an excellent add-on to your email marketing campaigns. Even though the format has its limitations in terms of creativity compared to email, the deliverability rate of SMS marketing is incomparable. Approximately 90% of text messages are read within the first 3 hours of sending! With such a high level of deliverability, […]

[Tutorial] Sending automatic birthday emails with Mailify Sunrise

Sending an email to your client on the day of their birthday is a great way to work on customer loyalty. So let us go through the benefits of this strategy and put it to practice in a way that is 100% automatic and efficient.   The benefits from a birthday email to the client […]