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Email Marketing For WordPress Just Got Easier With Mailify’s New WordPress Plugin

Good news for WordPress website owners and bloggers everywhere: the Mailify email marketing and newsletter plugin for WordPress is here and ready to make your lives easier. If you haven’t yet, be sure to create an account for free and start sending out email marketing with no effort! Built with speed and convenience in mind, the […]

To Use Or Not To Use Outlook For Email Campaigns

Microsoft Outlook is an email service that is meant for professional communication amongst professionals from business to business.  Given that it is so well known for interpersonal email communications (and usually already incorporated into a professional’s daily life), companies want to believe that Outlook is appropriate for their email marketing campaigns as well. Although this application is […]

New Feature: Export And Send PDF Stats Report

The latest release of Mailify comes with a handy new feature for analyzing your email campaigns’ results: PDF report generation, export, and emailing. The new feature allows marketers to quickly and easily export pdf reports directly from Mailify, including all relevant statistics and data. The first step in generating this report is to click on […]

5 Essential Campaign Ideas For Ecommerce Companies

There are countless ecommerce retailers in the United States. The vast expansion of the e-commerce market is tremendous. For this reason, being able to market your products or services successfully is more important than ever. If you are working for an ecommerce company, you immediately understand the immense emphasis businesses put on their marketing strategy. Being […]

The Emailing Dead. Tips To Avoid Ending Up An Email Zombie

Recently there has been a dramatic rise in email zombies roaming around in readers’ inboxes. They are void of any intelligence, impersonal and sometimes dangerous. Email zombies spring up out of nowhere and pile high in your inboxes, causing them to become inhospitable wastelands. Don’t succumb to the virus!   1. Have a gameplan The first […]