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Why We’re So Passionate About Our Deliverability

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Ok, I’ll admit it. The team over here at Mailify really loves to talk about deliverability. But, to be fair, we have good reason to be so excited – and so do you. Before we can discuss why, we need to simply explain what we mean by deliverability:

Devlierability is the sum of all factors related to an email campaign that affect its chance of being delivered to the recipents inbox, rather than weeded out as spam.

Now that we’ve defined it, let’s see why our team can’t stop talking about it.

Human Moderation

Ever wonder what happens when you click the pretty orange ‘send’ button? You may think it goes through some robotic process to get delivered, but it really goes to our professional campaign moderation team. This team of email marketing experts examines your campaign (not your contacts, that’s private!) and evaluates it for a variety of factors that might cause it to get flagged by spam filters. Perhaps your opt-out link isn’t working, or your text/html ratio is off. Maybe you’ve included recipent addresses that we know have bounced back in previous emails as invalid addresses. Mistakes like these are fairly easy to make, and almost sure to get you sent to the junk folder.  Instead of just automatically processing your campaign, our moderators will contact you with this information and help you correct it.

Strict Anti-Spam Policy

While some may laugh at us for turning down customers, our team regularly rejects clients who send campaigns that do not meet our rigid anti-spam guidelines. In doing so, we ensure that the risk of spam being sent from our servers is minimized. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and anti-spam services recognize our reputation as a sender, and are less likely to flag our clients’ emails as spam.  As they say, reputation is everything.

Automatic Authentication

By simply checking a box in your campaign settings, Mailify automatically includes several authentication protocols (SPF, Sender ID, DKIM) in your email that will provide an additional level of reassurance to ISPs that there is nothing malicious going on.  OK, this one is a bit of a snooze-fest, sure, but anything for better devlierability.

Domain Customization

Yes! This is the one that really gets the email aficionados over here excited. If you’ve ever sent email campaigns before, you know that the email application usually takes your links and modifies them for tracking. Your sender email address, for example, may go from to Similarly, the link to your website may go from to The problem that arises with these default domains is that they cause ISPs and spam filters to question whether or not you are who you say you are. Think about it from their perspective: you say you’re sending an email from and linking to, but the actual links in the code of your email do not match exactly. Something Phishy may be going on.

Luckily, Mailify gives users the ability to customize their domain names to match their branding, thereby reducing the chances of your emails being mistaken for phising.  We love this so much, we made a video about it »

Email Autocorrect

Something magical happens when you upload contacts to Mailify – the system will analyze your database for common typos and suggest corrections. For example, maybe someone hastily filled out a form on your website and accidently wrote instead of This is an honest mistake, but without Mailify’s email autocorrect tool the chances of Joe ever receiving an email from you are basically zero. Instead of this email address resulting in a ‘bounced’ email, Mailify helps you correct it. By reducing the number of bounces sent from our system, we’re able to uphold our reputation as a sender and maintain high deliverability rates.

As you can tell, we’re passionate about deliverability and what it means for our client’s success. More emails in the inbox means more engagement, and a better return on investment.

Want more information about the various techniques we use to offer the best deliverability in the industry? Learn more here, or contact us.


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