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5 Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips To Boost Sales

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As an online store, you probably already know that email marketing represents the best opportunity for you to capture the «low hanging fruit» and boost sales.

Email accounts for 5-10% of all ecommerce transactions, so with a database of current, former, and potential customers – the possibilities are endless! Lets look at a couple of our favorite tips for boosting sales through email marketing.


One of the best ways to capitalize on existing customers is to give them a friendly nudge in the right direction when it comes to their shopping needs. For example, if you have a customer that purchased dog food from your website, it is a pretty safe bet to assume they are buying pet toys and treats. If they aren’t buying those items from your website, they should be. Sending these customers an email advertising products they are obviously interested in is a quick and easy way to increase revenue potential per customer.

Be spontaneous

email-ecommerce-icon2Discounts are great, but why not have some fun and shake things up in the process? Instead of falling into a rut where you send an email with discounts at the end of the month every month, why not pick the 11th at 11 and offer 11% off? Of course, that 11% off is only good on the 11th, which creates a sense of urgency and excitement not usually present in standard email marketing.  The effect your spontaneity will have on your recipients will suprise you.


There are so many different ways to create an ecommerce email campaign, so it’s absolutely critical that you test yours to find out what creates the best conversion rate for your store. Test the big things like subject line and sender name, but dont forget the details like product placement within the email and call-to-action phrasing (or design!).



Re-engage lost customers

email-ecommerce-icon3Reactivating customers who haven’t shopped with you in a while represents one of the fundamental benefits of email for ecommerce. Whatever ecommerce platform you use, exporting a list of customers who haven’t shopped with you in 6-12 months should be pretty easy. Next, a simple email reminding them why they shopped with you in the first place – and perhaps providing an incentive – makes your brand relevant to them once again.

Give in to the seasonal marketing

Holidays and other seasonal initiatives provide marketers with a unique opportunity to reach out to their readers. Though there is sure to be an abundance of email promotions in the recipient’s inbox, during these time periods your contacts expect to hear from you.  Receiving discounts/promotions is almost always the user’s top reason for joining a mailing list, and what better time to receive discounts than while you’re doing your holiday shopping or searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone?

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