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The Emailing Dead. Tips To Avoid Ending Up An Email Zombie

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Recently there has been a dramatic rise in email zombies roaming around in readers’ inboxes.

They are void of any intelligence, impersonal and sometimes dangerous. Email zombies spring up out of nowhere and pile high in your inboxes, causing them to become inhospitable wastelands. Don’t succumb to the virus!

 Email Marketing Infographic

1. Have a gameplan

The first step is devising a plan! A detailed survival strategy will lead you closer to success. Define your main objective and determine the small goals you’ll need to achieve along the way.

2. Get to know your environment

It’s essential you understand who you are targeting. Evaluate your surroundings, segment your contacts and be sure to send the appropriate information to the right people.

3. Identify yourself

Establish yourself as different from the zombies. Let your reader recognize you as someone they want to engage with. Instead of forcing them into opening the email, like most zombies do, let your reader opt-in.

4. Draw them in

First impressions are vital in grabbing your reader’s attention. The pre-header is the first thing your reader will see, thus being your initial form of communication. Here’s your chance to let the recipient know you’re not another email zombie.

5. Ration your content

In order to ensure you don’t lose your reader’s attention, strategically employ your knowledge about the way people (and inboxes) think. Too much writing is overwhelming and too many images are undeliverable.  Find a balance between the two!

6. Look the part

The best way to show you’re not another lifeless wanderer is by not resembling one. All email zombies look threatening and unapproachable. Stand out, be presentable and offer your reader the opportunity to move forward through clear calls-to-action and dedicated landing pages.

7. Use tech to your advantage

Readers are opening more and more of their emails on their smartphones. Make sure your message is responsive on any device so that you can be easily understood whenever, wherever.

8. Evaluate your options

A/B testing before sending your campaign will help you compare two versions of your email, ensuring that you take the right path! Knowing what’s behind ‘door A’ versus ‘door B’ can be very helpful when outrunning zombies.

9. Assess the results

Once you have sent your campaign, analyze the results. These statistics will help pinpoint where your strategy needs improvement and where to focus your effort for the next mission.

10. Use the right tool to escape the danger

Using the right asset is a key element in advancing closer to success.  Surviving in this dangerous world of the emailing dead requires the right team of people, the right tool for the job, and the proper execution of your plan. Adopt an application that will ensure you’re not mistaken for the another lifeless wanderer.

Download Mailify. Be A Survivor.

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