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Email Marketing For WordPress Just Got Easier With Mailify’s New WordPress Plugin

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Good news for WordPress website owners and bloggers everywhere: the Mailify email marketing and newsletter plugin for WordPress is here and ready to make your lives easier.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to create an account for free and start sending out email marketing with no effort!

Built with speed and convenience in mind, the newsletter plugin for WordPress is a match made in heaven for small business owners interested in quickly creating high quality email marketing campaigns, and bloggers looking for a quick solution to drive traffic to their website through effective email newsletters.

So..what does it do?

Email Marketing For WordPress Signup Widget

Create a form to sync users and subscribers

In just a few clicks, the Mailify plugin will generate a form widget that can be placed in any “widget area” your theme allows. Customize this form by adding whichever input fields you want, determining which fields are required, and even customizing the call to action text in your button. All of the information entered into this form by a subscriber will automatically be sent to Mailify and stored in your “Newsletter Subscribers” contact list.

Sync wordpress subscribers

In addition to synchronizing your subscribers, the Mailify email marketing plugin for WordPress will also create a contact list with any users who have registered with your website. Registered users on a website tend to be the most involved in the conversation, and being able to segment your database to target them separately will prove to be useful.


Email Newsletter From WordPress Website

Automatically create emails based on your blog content

This is where the plugin gets really cool. For bloggers and website owners that are constantly publishing new content, the headache of creating email campaigns and newsletters to promote it in a timely manner is very real.  Thankfully, the Mailify plugin has the answer.

Connecting your site to your Mailify account will allow you to create a campaign and auto-populate the content with content from your website. With just a few clicks the app can import your featured images, post content (or excerpts), and even create read more buttons.  Going a step beyond the content, the plugin will also import the four main colors from your WordPress theme and create a custom EmailBuilder theme to match.

Bringing your email newsletters to life while matching your website’s branding has never been easier. Setup is easy, click here to learn more.


Why wait?

Ready to connect your WordPress website to Mailify and start creating marketing campaigns while enjoying their free email newsletter templates? The plugin is free, and your first 1,000 emails are on us – no credit card required.

Click here to download the Mailify email marketing plugin for WordPress. The Zip file can be uploaded directly to your WordPress admin. For more information of setting up the plugin, view the FAQ.

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