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How Do People Respond To Font Sizes and Line Length In Email Marketing Design?

When it comes to web and email design, layout is critical. Using font sizes that are too small or large makes your page become unreadable. As a general tip, maintaining your website or email’s usability is the result of having an clean design with a logical flow of information. After reading many articles on the matter, it […]

Tips For Creating Great Relationships With Your Subscribers

With the countless email marketers out there, finding unique ways to stand out can be a challenge. Fortunately for you, most marketers are unaware of fundamental communication skills they should employ when interacting with their readers. The majority of these mistakes commonly stem from marketer’s lack of understanding that their campaigns are sent to people, […]

How To Create An Email Campaign By Importing Your WordPress Content

If you run a WordPress blog, using Mailify’s email marketing plugin for WordPress is going to save you time and headaches while helping you foster better relationships with your readers and drive more traffic to your website. Here’s how to set it up: If you have already installed the plugin and activated the extension in […]