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New Feature: Export And Send PDF Stats Report

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The latest release of Mailify comes with a handy new feature for analyzing your email campaigns’ results: PDF report generation, export, and emailing.

The new feature allows marketers to quickly and easily export pdf reports directly from Mailify, including all relevant statistics and data. The first step in generating this report is to click on the Statistics button for the desired campaign.


Once you’ve entered the campaign’s statistics dashboard, click the Generate a report button.


The next window that pops up will give you two options: send the report via email, or export the pdf to your computer. By default, the Report by email option is selected.

Fill in the email address for your recipient, your email address, and your name. The email subject line comes pre-filled with the campaign’s date information, but can easily be edited. The Mailify logo is included in the report by default, but you can swap it with your own or exclude a logo altogether. Once you’ve filled in the required fields, click Send through email.


If you’d rather just download the PDF report to your computer, the only settings you need to worry about are the logo and report title. They both come prefilled with the same defaults as when sending through email, but can also be edited. When you’re ready, press Download PDF to choose where you want to save the file.



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