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Sarbacane rebrands and launches its new version: Sarbacane Suite

Sarbacane rebrands and launches its new version: Sarbacane Suite

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Looking for a comprehensive marketing tool to digitize your entire communication and grow your business? Look no further! After months of hard work, our teams have combined their strengths and expertise to offer you the new version of our solution: Sarbacane Suite. Historically specialized in email marketing, over the years we have expanded our skills to offer you a range of solutions dedicated to your digital communication. With Sarbacane Suite, these applications are grouped together in a single tool to improve your experience and facilitate the management of your digital communication.

Why Sarbacane Suite?

Mathieu Tarnus, CEO and founder of Sarbacane, and Paul de Fombelle, COO of Sarbacane, speak out to explain the genesis of the Sarbacane Suite project.

Sarbacane Suite: 7 applications in one

Sarbacane Suite is composed of 7 applications, each offering specific functionalities to help you with your marketing and digital communication.

Sarbacane Campaigns

Create, send and analyze your email campaigns, newsletters, SMS marketing campaigns and automated email and SMS scenarios (welcome scenario, reminder of abandoned cart, reactivation of inactive contacts, etc.) with Sarbacane Campaigns.

Sarbacane Contacts

Manage your database by creating contact lists and targeted segments using the multi-criteria targeting engine and synchronizing your lists with your business tools with Sarbacane Contacts.

Sarbacane Pages

Create and publish effective landing pages that meet your marketing and sales needs (download page for a resource, page highlighting an offer or selection of products, page with a contact form, etc.) with Sarbacane Pages.

Sarbacane Forms

Create and publish forms to enrich your contact lists and improve your customer knowledge (registration form, update form, invitation form, questionnaire, survey, etc.) with Sarbacane Forms.

Sarbacane Chat

Set up a chat widget on your website and interact in real-time with your website visitors. Sarbacane Chat is a complete conversational marketing solution with live chat, chatbot, and ticketing system.

Sarbacane Sendkit

Send your transactional emails and SMS using our API (order confirmation, delivery status update, password reset, request for feedback after purchase, etc.), manage your templates, and analyze your sending statistics with Sarbacane Sendkit.

Sarbacane Engage

Automate your B2B email prospecting by creating highly personalized automated scenarios with Sarbacane Engage.

What are the differences with the previous version of Sarbacane?

Applications offering an extended functional scope.

Sarbacane Suite offers an extended functional scope thanks to its seven applications offering specific features to meet all digital marketing and communication needs.

Among these applications, there are the historical features of Sarbacane via the campaigns applications (emailing, SMS marketing, and automated scenarios), Contacts (contact management), Pages (creation and publication of landing pages) and Forms (creation and publication of forms), as well as the new features of Sarbacane Chat (chatbot and live chat), Sarbacane Sendkit (transactional messages), and Sarbacane Engage (prospecting).

With these new features, Sarbacane Suite offers a complete solution for all your digital marketing actions.

New features on top of our historic functional perimeter.

Smart Forms

The Smart Forms feature is a revolution for your online forms. With Smart Templates, you will no longer need to spend hours creating custom form templates to meet your specific needs.

mart Forms uses artificial intelligence to analyze your company’s visual identity and automatically generate dozens of form templates that match your image. All you have to do is enter your website’s URL!

In addition to a professional and consistent design with your brand, you will also benefit from templates optimized to meet specific use cases.

  • Quiz
  • Contest registration
  • Update of personal information
  • White paper download form
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Reservation request
  • Event registration
  • Preference center
  • Newsletter registration
  • Contact request

With Smart Forms, you can create professional forms in just a few minutes, while providing an optimal user experience for your customers.

Edit the registration confirmation email

The first impression is often the most important. The registration confirmation email is the first email your new subscribers will receive. It is essential to convey a professional and consistent image with your visual identity through this email!

With Sarbacane Forms, personalizing the registration confirmation email is now possible! With this feature, you can customize certain elements of the automated email sent to your new subscribers. You can modify the subject, pre-header, sender’s alias, sender’s email, and reply-to email in the email header. You can also customize the logo, button color, and links in the email body.

However, please note that for security and deliverability reasons, the registration confirmation email is not fully customizable.

Contact Directory

Sarbacane Contacts’ contact directory allows you to easily view and manage all your contacts in one place. The directory displays all the email addresses of your contacts, sorted alphabetically, allowing you to quickly find a specific contact. At a glance, you can see the name, first name, and email address of each contact, as well as any other data you have provided in your lists, and the different distribution lists they are associated with.

Multi-List Contact Search

Sarbacane Contacts’ multi-list contact search feature allows you to quickly and efficiently search through your contacts by instantly displaying all the lists in which a given contact is included. With this feature, you can easily find a contact and check which lists they are registered in without having to perform tedious and time-consuming searches. Additionally, if you need to add a contact to another list, you can simply click the corresponding button to add them instantly. This allows you to organize your contacts effectively and save time in managing your marketing campaigns.

New Features for Contact Profile

The contact profile is the central tool for getting an overview of your contacts. With Sarbacane Contacts, it now includes two new features to simplify contact management.

  • Simultaneous email address update in all lists where the contact appears. This feature is particularly useful when your contact has changed their domain name or last name, for example. With just one click, you can update the email address everywhere in Sarbacane.
  • Simultaneous email address update in all lists where the contact appears. This feature is particularly useful when your contact has changed their domain name or last name, for example. With just one click, you can update the email address everywhere in Sarbacane.

Intuitive A/B testing management

With Sarbacane Campaigns, split testing becomes a breeze! Our new intuitive interface allows you to compare the two versions of your email campaign simultaneously through a tab system that allows you to test the sender’s name, subject, and body of your message at the same time.

If version A of the subject or any other element doesn’t suit you, simply close the corresponding tab, and version B of that element will be the only one kept.

More visual, this new version of A/B testing will allow you to test each element of your email campaign and easily choose the winning version of your email.

Streamlined management of automated workflows

With Sarbacane Campaigns, creating automated workflows is easy and intuitive. When you start building a workflow, you can directly work on the campaign’s structure without immediately associating a list or setting up the trigger. This allows you to focus on designing your workflow before finalizing it by adding your desired settings. Additionally, you can easily modify the trigger type of a workflow after you’ve started building it.

A redesigned and unified interface for a smoother user experience

The graphic and product teams at Sarbacane have thoughtfully designed the interface of each application to provide you with a seamless and enjoyable user experience. The interface has been unified for intuitive navigation and easy access to the features you need. The clean and modern design makes using Sarbacane Suite more pleasant and efficient. Our new interface makes it easier to use our solution and allows you to focus on the essentials: creating and sending effective marketing campaigns and materials.

Why use Sarbacane Suite?

Personalized support combined with professional expertise

Expanding the range of possibilities in terms of features and tools for our clients does not mean renouncing our core values. As you know, at Sarbacane, supporting our clients has always been the fundamental pillar of our development. And that will not change with Sarbacane Suite; on the contrary, it is probably truer than ever.

All marketing features in one platform and centralized contact management

With Sarbacane Suite, you have access to all marketing features in one platform: prospecting, chatbot and live chat, email marketing, SMS marketing, marketing automation, transactional messages, landing pages, forms. With Sarbacane Suite, you also manage all your contacts from a single platform, which simplifies database management and improves the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

Analysis and tracking of results

For each application within it, Sarbacane Suite provides detailed analysis and tracking tools to help you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. You can easily track key performance indicators and use this data to adjust your marketing strategy and improve your results.

Try Sarbacane Suite

Ready to take it to the next level? Try Sarbacane Suite now by creating a free trial account.

Are you already a customer on Sarbacane Sunrise or a previous version? An account update to Sarbacane Suite will be offered to you in the coming weeks.

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