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Mailify acquires data expertise

Mailify acquires data expertise

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November is off to a great start at Mailify. So, we have some great news to share with you. First of all, our teams are delighted to announce that Marketing 1BY1, a company specialized in data management, has joined our group. Good news never comes alone: we are also happy to announce a fundraising and a name change for our group. We come back in detail on these news.

Groupe Sarbacane, parent company of Mailify acquires Marketing 1BY1

The merger of two French companies

Our group is pleased and proud to announce its third acquisition in 2 years: Marketing 1BY1, a company specialized in data management. Marketing 1BY1 develops a CDP (Customer Data Platform).

While Mailify enables data to be activated through multichannel campaigns, Marketing 1BY1 is positioned upstream, at the data flow consolidation stage.

Intended for marketing and CRM teams, the solution allows them, through the centralization, exploitation and animation of data, to monitor their CRM strategy and to personalize the omnichannel customer experience.
The acquisition of Marketing 1BY1 meets the growing need of these companies to set up an ultra-personalized customer approach without having to implement heavy and complex solutions.

A 110 million euro fundraising

After IDI in 2020, the European fund EMZ enters the capital of the group to support and finance its development. Mathieu Tarnus, founder and CEO, remains the majority shareholder of the group.

Positive Group’s journey since we took a stake in the company just two years ago has been exceptional, with a group size that has doubled, thanks to strong organic growth and a successful and structuring acquisition in Germany. After having achieved a very good performance on our initial investment, we are pleased to participate again in this round of financing, together with the managers and EMZ, as we are convinced of the strong potential for development in France and in Europe in the coming years.

Augustin Harrel-Courtès, Managing Partner (IDI)

The group’s turnover, which has increased by three times in 3 years, will approach $30M this year. The ambition is to keep up this pace and reach a turnover of $100M by 2026.

Led by a management team built around the tandem of Mathieu Tarnus, the group’s founder, and Paul de Fombelle, its CEO, this transaction is at the heart of EMZ’s investment strategy. We support experienced teams who want to be involved as shareholders alongside us. We are very pleased to bring our human and financial contribution to this talented team and to support its ambitious external growth strategy.

Charles Mercier et Ajit Jayaratnam d’EMZ

Sarbacane Group becomes Positive Group

To facilitate the distinction between the development and ambition of the group and the historical activity of Mailify, the group is changing its name to Groupe Positive. A tribute to the values of development and optimism that have always been part of the company’s DNA.

Mailify will keep its name and continue to exist as brand and subsidiary of the group.

The Positive Group intends to become an entrepreneurial platform for digital innovation by relying on its strengths: advanced but easy-to-use technologies, a premium support service tailored to the needs of all its customers, and a strong local presence in Europe.

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