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Mailify’s Email Marketing Extensions Are Now Free

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The latest version of Mailify has been released. The most important update: unlimited Freemium access to extensions.

If you’re one of Mailify’s many happy Freemium users, you’ve got more reason to rejoice: the lastest release of Mailify’s email marketing software gives all users complete access to our extensions. Access to our extensions allows all users the ability to capitalize on each and every email marketing campaign sent.

Here are two of our favorites:


A/B Testing: One way to make the most of your email database? Make sure you send them the most effective email every time. The A/B testing extension in Mailify allows you to test everything about your campaign – from subject line, to ‘sender name’, to the entire message itself.  Once you’ve determined a variable to test, simply tell the software what percentage of your recipient list to use as the sample, and how to determine the winner (clicks? opens?). Once the winning message has been determined from your sample sent, that campaign is then delivered to the remainder of your recipients.


GetInBox Preview: Emails can be tricky. When you consider the amount of different email clients your recipients may be using, (gmail, outlook, etc) making sure your email displays properly on those setups could become a daunting task.  The GetInBox extension allows you to test your email campaign in many different email clients and view live previews showing how your campaign displays in each one.  Use this information to confirm that you are ‘good to go’ or fix up your design to better accomodate certain email clients.

Click here to learn more about Mailify’s extensions and see the full list. Haven’t downloaded Mailify yet? Download it for free here.


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