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What Is Responsive Email & Why Does It Matter?

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Have you ever tried to open an email on your phone, only to realize it’s too difficult to see? You spend the next few minutes pinching and zooming with your fingers trying to enlarge the text, just so you can read it! Chances are you end up reading very little – if any – of the email’s content, let alone interacting with it by doing something like clicking a link or making a purchase.

The truth is, today’s consumers and decision makers live in a multi-screen, on-the-move world.  More and more business is conducted via mobile devices and tablets each year, and these consumers expect businesses to be as mobile as they are.

device-optimizedEnter: Responsive Design.

Responsive design is a term that originally referred to websites that adapted the display of their content based on the screen size/device the viewer was using. This means that no matter what screen or device the user is using, the content is automatically rearranged to provide the optimal user experience. For example: think of a website on a large widescreen monitor than can accommodate a large amount of text horizontally, versus that same website on a phone. The responsive website rearranges all of the horizontal content to display vertically on a small screen, which eliminates the need to pan and zoom with your fingers.

Mailify applies this same responsive technology to email marketing.

Almost 50% of all emails are opened on mobile devices – so it’s easy to see how a responsive email campaign is essential to ensure your ability to effectively deliver your message.

Mailify’s drag and drop EmailBuilder automatically creates a responsive version of your email, allowing you to deliver a highly effective message across all of your viewer’s devices – without writing a single line of code. As a bonus, the built in mobile preview gives you a real time look at how your campaign will display on a mobile device, before sending the email.

Statistically, only 11% of all marketing emails are optimized for mobile – while 69% of users say they instantly delete emails that aren’t.

A well designed, responsive email campaign provides an excellent opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition by being accessible to your contacts whenever and wherever.

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