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7 Websites To Find Your Free Newsletter Templates

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You are excited to find beautiful, free newsletter templates and once you start working on them, you get the famous «blank page anxiety». Well, it happens to most of us, creating a newsletter template can be easily overwhelming, and lead to a point in which we are ready to give up or postpone it. Why so?

Because creating a newsletter template from scratch can be complicated to start. You need coding skills or photoshop skills, and if you don’t have these skills, it’s not like you can acquire them overnight. Instead of spending time thinking about how to kick start your newsletter, how about visiting these 7 amazing websites with free downloadable newsletter templates and get inspired first?

These websites all offer free newsletter templates and additionally, they are a true source of inspiration. You can edit and customize them in your own way. If you know other interesting sites, don’t hesitate to share them with us in our comment box below!


Examples Of Websites That Offer Free Newsletter Templates


Really Good Emails


Really good emails


Our first stop will be at this modern-day newsletter template museum. With more than 2,000 emails showcased, you have more than enough email designs to inspire you and create your own newsletter template. ReallyGoodEmails has collected well-designed and original emails over a long period of time. They are classified according to their usefulness: Activation of account, welcome email, offers, e-commerce, etc… You can even check their online version and edit their code to customize them according to your company’s email design and layout.


Mailify Template Library 


Mailify free downloadable newsletter template


Mailify offers more than 850+ free newsletter templates designed by email marketing professionals. This newsletter template gallery is free, customizable, and adapted to all types of devices. You have access to all the newsletter templates from within the Mailify software. Once you have downloaded the software, you can personalize the templates with your content and your company’s logo and image. By the way, Mailify has just added 6 new newsletter templates to its collection.



HTML Email Gallery


HTML free gallery



A huge gallery of free newsletter templates which features famous brands such as Uber, Dropbox or Google Play. The numerous amount of emails presented on this website are sorted according to color, content type, events, activity and even by season.  You have more than enough emails to find the newsletter template that suits your company!


HTML Email Designs


HTML email design


A very friendly and easy-to-use website, even though the newsletter templates aren’t organized by categories. Instead, we function on our preferences. If the email pleases you, you click and visualise it. We have found big brands’ newsletter templates such as Adobe, Levi’s, Marvel and Spotify. But on this site, designs predominate the brands.


Email Gallery


Email gallery


Email Gallery is a pleasant site to visit. It shows original free newsletter templates and most of them aren’t  from popular brands. You will find newsletter templates classified by structure, color and line of business. If you’re looking for ideas that are out of the box, visit this website!


Email Newsletter Examples


Email newsletter examples



Nothing can be more explicit than the name of this website: Email newsletter examples, that’s perfectly clear. This collaborative site collects a good number of free newsletter templates sent by web users. There are various categories such as abandoned cart, anniversary and birthday, survey emails etc.




Downloadable Newsletter Templates on Pinterest


We have various tables regrouping newsletter template ideas on the social network Pinterest. By entering certain keywords in the search bar, we can easily find a list of interesting newsletter templates. Here are few:

Responsive Email Design: a list of email newsletter templates that are optimized for mobile and desktop displays alike.

Email Design Inspiration: numerous email newsletter templates well-designed and mostly created to inspire you!

Email Design Inspiration (other): another list of email newsletter template carefully selected!

Words searched to get to this page:

Examples of tagged emails

Examples Demails

Examples of emails


How To Customise Your Free Newsletter Templates With Mailify (Previous version to Mailify Sunrise)


Step 1: Create a campaign

To customise your newsletter template, you should start by downloading the Mailify software. Once you have downloaded the tool, click on «Create a campaign» and choose a «New empty campaign». Name you campaign and set your message type (HTML and/or text only), type of blacklists, configure your domain name and in the advanced settings, activate the tracking of links in the text.



Step 2: Select your contacts

You have the choice between importing your contacts and selecting a pre-saved list. If you have filtered your contacts from a previous campaign, then click on «Select a list» and choose the contact list you want. If you need to extract contacts from an external platform, then import your contacts and add them to Mailify. Don’t forget to analyse your emails to correct typos and syntax errors and also remove bounces.

contact list


Step 3: Create your message based on free downloadable newsletter templates



Fill in the details about the subject of your campaign, your sender email address and your default reply-to address. One you have completed this step, you will get a preview of your header. With this, you can picture what your email header will look like once it arrives in your recipients’ inboxes.


email newsletter header


Creation mode

This is where you click on «Mailify templates» to choose your downloadable newsletter template. You can choose one of almost 900 newsletter templates and filter them by type of colors and categories. Once you import the template, you can start customizing it.


free responsive email templates

HTML content

Your downloaded newsletter template is a set of images and texts. It is actually called a block of texts and a block of images. Under the tab «Modules», you can rearrange the blocks. To add a block of image or text, all you need to do is drag a block from «Modules» on the left and drop it in the newsletter template section on the right side.

If you want different images in the newsletter template, click on the block concerned, import an image from the library, your computer or from a URL link and edit it. You can type your message in the «editing» tab.

Under the «settings» tab, you can edit the newsletter template design by aligning it, adding spaces between blocks or modules and changing the border or height size.

Make sure your newsletter template fits your company’s image, modify the colors of your newsletter template and make it like the newsletter template was created by your team of developers.




Step 4: Preview your newsletter

This preview functionality is actually one of Mailify’s many, completely free extensions. Make sure you activate it in the tab «Extensions» first. This preview tester will help you visualize your newsletter template in different email clients’ inboxes. Thanks to this, you will know how your newsletter template will be displayed and make changes accordingly.




Step 5: Test and Send

Final step before sending your campaign! Check if you have tested all the important elements such as the domain name, authentication, behavioral tracking, preview etc. that facilitate the delivery of your newsletter. More importantly, if your newsletter template is composed of images, go to storage, click on the icon next to it and embed everything in the cloud. By doing so, you will avoid anti-spam filters and you have more chances of landing in your contacts’ inboxes.



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