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Hotel Newsletter Templates – Guideline for Hotel Marketers

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You’re a hotel manager and you’re looking for perfect hotel newsletter templates to promote your hotel activities to your potential clients?

You have landed on the right page! After reading this article, you will understand the importance of choosing good hotel newsletter templates and the benefits of sending newsletters to your contacts and how to make use of basic elements to create interesting and successful campaigns.


Why it’s important to choose and send hotel newsletter templates 


We all know that Online Marketing is a hot topic and almost every industry has quickly adapted to the internet marketing phenomena. In fact, the hotel industry is using internet as the major distribution channel since 2002. Ever since, the hotel industry has blossomed (…well not always, the industry is wilted from economic recessions from time to time). But, hotels were able to increase their booking rate and improve their brand image.


You worked out a perfect PPC internet marketing plan on Google for your hotel. But you noticed that there are certain things you can add on your website like breakfast offers or spa treatment. What about other information like a new event taking place near your hotel, seasonal offers etc. That’s when newsletters come in handy!


Mailify templates

Mailify has more than 850 newsletter templates


Choose right hotel newsletter templates to share useful contents with your contacts. Is there a new gym, offers and discount on rooms, an event happening near your hotel, a new restaurant has opened nearby? Share this information with your contacts because you are not only engaging with your customers, you are gaining new customers and creating a strong brand value for your hotel. Send them newsletters regularly so they don’t forget your hotel and you can keep ahead of your competitors.


It can be time consuming when you start working on email marketing but once you’re setup, you’ll see how easy and fast it can be to send newsletters to your contacts. Thanks to email marketing tools such as Mailify, you can send newsletters at low cost.  

Create and segment your contact list


Segment contacts

Click on the image to learn how to manage your contact

Start by building your recipient list. You should dedicate a place in your website where visitors can sign up to your newsletters. These contacts are extremely important as they are opt-ins, which means they accept to give your their email addresses and to receive newsletters from your hotel. Websites aren’t the only places where you can ask for newsletter sign-ups, you can also keep a feedback sheet near the reception or in your hotel rooms.


Remember to ask for some important data like their first and last name, their gender and what they liked during their stay in your hotel. Don’t ask too many details about your guests though, as it can put them off. Just ask for information that can help you to send targeted emails.


Talking about targeted emails, it’s an effective way to reach out to specific contacts with specific contents. Some contacts will not be interested in receiving an offer for Spa treatment and others not so much in a wild tour. Instead of sending a newsletter to all your contacts, separate your contacts based on their characteristics and send them a tailored message. For example, send a campaign to female contacts about discounts for local shops, hairdressers or cosmetic shops.


Work on your hotel newsletter templates


hotel newsletter templates

One of Mailify’s hotel newsletter templates, click on the image to find similar templates

Don’t panic, you don’t need coding or photoshop skills to create perfect hotel newsletter templates . All you need to do is find an email marketing tool where you can create your newsletter templates easily and quickly and learn a few tips on how to work effectively on an email marketing tool and there you go, you will become a pro in sending campaigns for your hotel.


With Mailify, you have almost 900 responsive templates for all kinds of topics and events at your disposal. You will find great hotel newsletter templates adapted to mobiles and designed specifically for lodging and hotels, bed and breakfast. If you need to change the layout or the colors of these templates, you can change it with the help of the EmailBuilder within Mailify.


It’s essential to carefully choose your hotel newsletter templates’ design as it will highlight your professionalism and your hotel’s brand image. Your contacts should recognize that it’s your hotel’s newsletter at first sight. Keep your hotel newsletter design updated, because yes, even email marketing follows current trends! but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative or indulge in a certain style. Make it simple, yet modern with contrasting colors. The ideal would be a light background color with CTA buttons in vivid colors to accentuate the clickable elements.


Adding appealing images to your newsletter will increase your reading rate by 80%*. Allow your contacts to picture the places where an event is happening nearby or in your hotel. Images are easier absorbed than text, so make use of your beautiful hotel and bring in suitable images. Beware, too many images in a newsletter can be overwhelming to your contacts and also you can attract anti-spam filters and ISPs that can push your newsletter to the spam box. The right ratio is 40% images and 60% text.


Your content, as explained earlier, should be targeted to different set of guests with a specific message.





Here are few ideas on the type of messages you can send:


Private offers for your regular guests (During high season mostly)
Offers for Easter / Christmas / Valentine’s Day / etc.
Discount codes that can be shared across social media
Information about new awards you have received
Events happening near your hotel

For the guests who have already booked, you can also write down a timeline:

One month before arrival: offer additional services such as breakfast, wellness, excursion
One week before arrival: menu of the restaurant or weather forecast for the period of the stay
One day after departure: thank you and request for reviews
One month after departure: voucher for friends upon recommendation
Two months after departure: a photo of the view from the hotel to awaken memories


Have you observed how do their email marketing strategy ? Once the reservation is confirmed, they send us an email saying what a great decision we have made booking through their site. In addition, they will ask us if we need a rental car or other services. And shortly before our arrival, they send us an email providing us details about what’s happening in the city and the tourist places to visit. You can get inspired by and make your email strategy even better and more personal!


Personalize your hotel newsletter templates


You can do a lot with your database! If you look deeper, you’ll notice that you have more details about your guests than you thought: name, age, sex, preferences etc. This information is highly valuable and can help you customize your newsletter.


What type of customization can you use in your newsletter ?


Personalized content



Mention your recipient’s name in your email, this will make your newsletter look more personal. Instead of the standard “Dear Ma’am, Sir” greetings, personalize your emails with your recipients’ names. Mailify allows name customization. When you upload your database, add the personalization fields such as first name, last name, civility.


Send emails with your name and not from the company. It is often dehumanizing when you send an email signed by your company. Instead, opt for your name or your colleague’s name. You can even create an email signature with a photo to show your contacts that someone has actually written this email and is trying to engage with you.


Plan when to send your newsletter and track your results


Mailify stats


Once your newsletter is ready, send the newsletter to yourself and your colleagues. This way, you can verify if all the links and CTA buttons are working, if the structure of your newsletter is suitable for all types of devices and email clients and that you haven’t made any typing errors. After reviewing your newsletter, you can send it to your contacts.


How often can you send emails to your clients? For this, create a calendar and write down when you will be sending emails (ex: high season, holidays, special occasions etc.). There is no specific rule on how many emails you can send. Sending too many emails in a month can irritate your contacts and push them to unsubscribe. At the other end, if you send once in 6 months, your contacts will barely recognize you. An estimated good number would be onceor twice a month.


After you have sent your newsletter, track your results. It is essential to know how receptive your offers or messages are. See who is spending a longer time reading your email and clicking your links, check what device or which email programme they used to look at your email. Analysing these statistics will help you segment your future newsletters based on specific characteristics and create even more effective contents.


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