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Head off with total peace of mind this summer thanks to chatbot!

Head off with total peace of mind this summer thanks to chatbot!

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We’re all dreaming of well-deserved vacations after the stormy last few months. Head off with total peace of mind by setting up a chatbot on your site during your leave. You’ll make work easier for your staff on-site and will stay in touch with all your visitors by sending them a totally-tailored message. Let’s see why and how to use a chatbot on you site this summer.

Why use a chatbot on your site over the summer?

Automate your customer relationship

We live in a world where everything runs at breakneck speed. Responsiveness is key to managing your customer relationship. A chatbot will ensure you can answer your customers’ least complex issues without any human input.
A chatbot lets you roll out chat-based conversation scenarios that are totally automated and work 24/7. If your firm’s running on skeleton staff this summer, you can nevertheless maintain traceable contact with visitors to your website and, at the same time, help your teams better manage feeds by focusing on the more complex requests.

Tip: identify the questions frequently asked by people who contact you via your site. Like this you can set up your chatbot to answer them or to redirect your visitors to a specific support center page.

Tell your visitors about your availability

Good communication is key to creating a sound customer relationship. If visitors to your website and your customers know right from the word ‘go’ that your business is closed over a given period this summer or that your opening times are modified in July / August, you’ll avoid a host of complaints.

As well as the traditional newsletter you can send to your contacts to tell them about any time changes to come, think about tailoring your chatbot conversation scenario to inform all your visitors, especially the ones you have no email address or phone number for. After the welcome message, your chatbot can, for example, roll out an automated push notification announcing your summer opening times and, as such, ensure that all your visitors are correctly informed.
Over summer, your teams may be on vacation or frequently busy as working on skeleton staff. So, think about setting up contact forms to collect leads when your teams are unavailable.

Wouldn’t you agree… nothing beats setting up a chatbot on your website this summer to help your teams?

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