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These 3 Misconceptions That Deprive You of the Benefits of AI Marketing

These 3 Misconceptions That Deprive You of the Benefits of AI Marketing

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The popularity and continuous improvement of artificial intelligence tools enable definite productivity gains but also raise numerous legitimate questions across all professional sectors… including yours!

Sectors and professions that are predominantly creative tend to harbor a certain wariness towards AI, and this caution, at first glance, is as understandable as it is founded.

To celebrate the integration of new AI features within its Suite, Sarbacane addresses three common remarks on the subject. On the agenda, perspective and practical advice.

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First Misconception: “Artificial Intelligence means losing control of your ideas.”

Sarbacane’s viewpoint: one cannot be an expert in every field, and not all ideas are always spontaneous. By integrating Smart Content into our Campaigns, Pages, and Forms applications, we allow the user to control the text they wish to appear, regardless of their initial expertise.

In this way, the user remains in control of the information given to AI, taking into account their level of knowledge on the subject, their vision, and especially, their intuition. AI then enables an extension of thought, which remains subject to human critique in keeping with the desired perspective.

Moreover, the user retains control over their content as they can directly modify it from their usual editor. We believe that guidance and suggestion are at the heart of successful adoption, but the user always has the final say.

Second Misconception: “Content generated automatically is bound to miss the mark.”

Sarbacane’s viewpoint: This is a valid objection, and we believe that AI only performs well when it is contextualized. In reality, the generation of automatic text is conditioned by three key success factors:

•The capture of the initial intent, a true command formulated to define the topic of writing.

•The provision of an initial context, whether it be temporal or geographical indications.

•The indication of the desired tone, because your audience expects a specific style and level of language.

We also deemed it essential to allow automatic rephrasing so that each piece of generated content aligns as much as possible with your communication habits. To this end, it is possible to rephrase your text (whether written or generated) as many times as necessary.

Third Misconception: “ChatGPT is just a chat and it’s not very practical in real life.”

Sarbacane’s viewpoint: The use cases are so varied that it’s difficult to clearly envision the regular use of an AI like ChatGPT. For instance, when thinking about the interface, one might already imagine the dozens of copy/pastes to be made, not to mention the waiting time between each conversational step.

Ensuring a smooth usage requires a customization tailored to the user, directly within their tools. It’s in this setup that text creation, rephrasing, or even translation are directly available at the heart of your daily applications:

•Sarbacane Campaigns for email campaign creation

•Sarbacane Pages for landing page creation

•Sarbacane Forms for form creation.

Ready to take the leap while keeping control? Smart Content and our resources on artificial intelligence within Sarbacane Suite are waiting just for you.

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