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Neuromarketing: The Science Behind Video Email Marketing

Neuromarketing: The Science Behind Video Email Marketing

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It is a fact that video email marketing is gaining more and more strength, positioning itself as a strong trend for the rest of 2021, because it can generate up to 173% more CTR and up to 50% more ROI, thanks  to its persuasion power.

Don’t you believe us? … We don’t say it, science says it. In this article we will reveal what is behind the success of video email.

What is neuromarketing?

For 6 years neuromarketing has been considered as a strategy of the future, the secret weapon for those brands that want to achieve success.

Neuromarketing is no longer a futuristic issue, it is a reality in the present that is no longer optional for those brands that want to achieve success.

This science investigates the cognitive processes that are carried out before, during and after making a purchase decision, it has shown findings about consumer behaviour, which can be easily applied to email marketing to create more attractive and effective campaigns, with a higher conversion rate.

Let’s go for everything with the video email!

Through multiple studies that have been carried out in neuromarketing, it has been discovered that 95% of human behaviour is unconscious and is based on all the information that is stored in our neural networks, this information is consciously and unconsciously captured through the senses.

This leads us to determine that video is the best content option for your email, because it will be able to print a more lasting memory of your brand in the minds of your consumers, thanks to the fact that it enters the brain through 2 senses: sight and hearing.

To achieve an even more powerful campaign, we are going to share with you the secret to seduce the mind of your receivers.

The first thing you need to know is that the brain is made up of an overlap of 3 brains:

  • The primitive brain that is directly connected to the optic nerve, so it makes decisions based on the first impression it receives.
  • The limbic system that is associated with emotions and with the consolidation of memories.
  • And finally, the neocortex, which is the structure responsible for reasoning, but you will be surprised to know that it is the area that is least involved in the purchase process.

With this information we are sure that you are already having an idea of what we will tell you next.

The key is to seduce the primitive brain, then it is not enough to simply attach a video or place an external link in your email, because you have the risk that 84% of your recipients will not click to open it, so your video could be unnoticed.

To truly seduce the primitive brain, you must do it in the first instant, since the moment the recipient opens the email, this is the key to success with your video email.

Do you want to know how to get the attention of your users immediately? … Keep reading.

“Viewed”, the FREE video email platform that your competitors don’t want you to know

Now that you have understood how the mind of your consumers work, you will agree with our next recommendation.

We recently discovered Viewed, the only platform that helps you to embed a video in the body of an email, with real-time delivery, ultra-fast loading and automatic playback when the email is opened.

This platform works adaptively because it creates more than 20 multimedia files such as videos in MP4, OGG, WEBM, HD animations among others to adapt your video to any device and email client.

With all this, 90% of users who receive a video email will have a multimedia experience within the email itself, conquering that irrational part of the brain, which we have been talking about in this article.

The best of all is that this platform is 100% compatible with Mailify, so you will not have any problem making your shipments regularly.

The perfect video does exist

For not leaving any loose ends and to make sure you will succeed with your video email campaign, we want to make some recommendations on how to create a perfect video based on what science has to teach us.

Have you heard of mirror neurons?

Inside our brain, in the lower prefrontal lobe to be exact, there is a group of Mirror Neurons responsible for reproducing inside our body what it perceives from the outside,  thanks to these cells we are able to experience foreign emotions as own; this process is commonly known as “Empathy”.

When we experience empathy towards a person or event, our brain carries out an unconscious learning that will have great influence when making a decision.

So, to create the perfect video, you have to focus your attention on projecting, in an appropriate way, the emotions that you want your viewer to experience, so that they feel attracted and identified with your brand, product or service.

For example, if you want a person to experience the sensation of a hug, you must present a sequence of dynamic images with people hugging, the more descriptive elements you include, the greater the mental reproduction that the brain of your viewer makes.

Do you know you can customize your video?

Another key factor that you can consider when creating your video, to connect even more with the mind of your recipients is hyper-personalization.

We are not only talking about placing the name of your recipient in the subject of the email or within your advertising text, we are talking about taking the personalization of your communication to the next level.

With the Viewed platform you can also create personalized videos with the information of each of your consumers, we are sure that they will lead you to generate more and better results in each of your campaigns.

Now that you know a little more about the secrets of human behaviour, you can create really impressive video email marketing campaigns even with a free online video editor.

Author: Celene Jiménez

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