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Affiliation with Mailify: an easy way to generate revenues

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In an advertising market where ad blockers are growing, a study shows that 85% of Internet users who install an adblocker do so because advertising disrupts their Internet browsing. Over the last few years, online advertising has therefore evolved to fit better with the content thanks to the native advertising.  With 7% growth per year, affiliation as well as other acquisition channels are reinventing themselves in 2018 by using less emailing and banners in favour of less intrusive content such as articles in which the affiliate link is an integral part of the content.


What is affiliation?



Affiliation is a marketing method used by an advertiser to spread its commercial offers to third party websites called affiliates. Many advertisers offer their program on an affiliate platform that will act as an intermediary between the advertiser and the affiliates.



Affiliation involves three different actors:

  • The advertiser is a company with a website that promotes its products/services through a network of websites.
  • Affiliates can be individuals or professionals who own a website, they will identify free space on their sites to promote the advertiser for a fee.
  • The affiliation platform is a technical and commercial intermediary that will support the affiliates, provide them with distribution media and ensure the tracking of conversions.


Why should I become an affiliate?

Affiliation is often unknown to bloggers and website publishers, but it does offer an opportunity to explore the full potential of their websites and reach an audience that shares an affinity with their editorial line. Affiliation allows website publishers and bloggers to generate comfortable incomes in a long-term way. Affiliation is also an effective way to increase the visibility of your site on search engines by generating qualified traffic thanks to the notoriety of advertisers.


Mailify’s s Affiliate Program


In order to develop its network of partners, Mailify published its affiliate program on the Affilae platform. The program is particularly interesting as the registration is free and there is no obligation in terms of results.


Mailify Affiliation


Why should you choose Mailify’s affiliate program rather than another?

Mailify’s affiliate program is a unique offer on the emailing market. Today Mailify is the only player to offer a lead remuneration of 10€ for each account creation. This program allows certain affiliates to generate comfortable incomes of more than €1000 per month.

Mailify is also is one of the few companies to provide its affiliates with a complete service with a dedicated affiliation team as well as a dedicated FAQ on its website with a lot of information about each aspect of its program.

Like other companies, Mailify also remunerates its affiliates for the sale of subscriptions to its solution with up to €229 commission per sale and a tracking period of 90 days.

The Mailify program has many other advantages. The website has been specially optimized to make conversions as easy as possible with the presence of pictograms and numerous call-to-action buttons. For more than 15 years, Mailify has been a historical leader in the emailing market and has already convinced more than 150,000 users who are satisfied with the effectiveness of the solution (score of 4 out of 5).

One of Mailify’s other strong points is its 100% European character: its infrastructure and customer service are both located in France and Barcelona.

Mailify differentiates itself from its competitors with the availability of a customer service located in France and Spain, which can be reached without any charge by chat, telephone and email. The goal is to help customers achieve their objectives and support them in the creation of their campaigns.


A few tips to maximize the potential of your website and generate a comfortable income through affiliation

Articles, banners, emailing, posting on social networks, many possibilities are available in affiliation to promote Mailify. Even before starting to prepare content, it is preferable to optimize the visibility of your website on search engines and to identify the profile and interests of your audience in order to build loyalty and provide them with appropriate content.



Article affiliates

Talking about affiliation, the most efficient and most profitable way to convert your membership is to write articles on general topics that will interest a maximum of Internet users, here are a few examples:


  • The comparative article (for example: best emailing solutions, top emailing software, how to choose your emailing software).
  • The article with useful tips (e.g.: how to create an effective newsletter, 5 tips to create an effective emailing campaign).

Of course, it is possible to add articles relaying Mailify’s promotional offers and/or a test of the solution, but this type of article alone is often not enough to generate comfortable revenues. Indeed, articles focused on a particular product will reach a limited audience and may sometimes be considered as «hidden advertising». Very often, Internet users are looking for two different types of content:

  • Research for an emailing solution, SMS, marketing automation: Internet users will first start by getting global information on the various solutions available on the market with the help of online comparators or comparative articles before moving towards a given solution.
  • Tips or a method to develop their business: Others will look for tips and ideas on how to send an effective emailing for example or just a method to increase their company’s turnover or customer loyalty. Emailing is still today the means of communication par excellence.


Banners and social networks

You can also display mailify banners directly within your content or on your website in addition to an article, as they are usually not enough to generate significant revenue by themselves.

Finally, it is also possible to post on your social network accounts in order to share, for example, an article published on your blog/website or just to relay the special offers offered by Mailify by adding an affiliation link.

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