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Email newsletter templates for Fall? Halloween, Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

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We all know that Winter is such a good time to send seasonal email marketing campaigns; we celebrate Christmas in December and Valentine’s Day in February. Then, during spring, we have Easter and Mother’s Day, and even during summer, the holidays and our summer break arrive and it’s simply a great excuse.


But… what about Fall?


It seems to be the forgotten season when it comes to newsletters, and we’re here to prove that this it’s definitely underestimated! Companies all over the globe are starting to realize this and are sending fabulous campaigns also during Fall. Why? There are many opportunities to surprise our subscriber’s during this season, but there are three that definitely stand out: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Black Friday!


It is now easier than ever to send seasonal campaigns, as apps like Mailify offer countless email newsletter templates, which you can customize to your taste. Let’s see how can we take profit of these festivities by rocking our subscriber’s inbox!


Halloween email newsletter templates: trick or treat?


Aren’t you excited to buy a costume and some makeup and to dress up? To buy some candy and some spooky house-decor? Or even to go to the cinema and watch a scary movie if trick or treating isn’t your thing? Well, let me tell you that companies are actually very excited for you to do so!


Halloween is a great opportunity to boost sales, and many businesses know this; it doesn’t matter if you are a costume store or a supermarket; a bakery or a hairdresser. However, if your company isn’t related in any way to the most terrifying time of the year, you can still create a nice newsletter campaign to engage your clients!


Tricks (or treats) to succeed with your Halloween newsletter campaign:


  • Just as we just did, use fun word plays to amuse your subscribers from the moment they see your email; the subject of the email is a great place to do so and catch their attention!


  • If your business is related to Halloween, make sure to offer special discounts! Buy one get one free, 50% (or even more) off your second purchase, special price products or services… the possibilities are endless.


  • Make sure that your campaign has a responsive format, as everybody nowadays checks their email through their smartphones!


  • Be original! Pictures, gifs, videos… decorate your template so it surprises your subs! As it’s Halloween…frighten them if you can! Spider webs, eerie sound in your promo videos… everything counts.


  • Adapt your content! It must, of course, be quality content, but make sure it’s halloweeny enough! Recipes, tutorials, tips and tricks… anything can be adapted.



Make sure to have your email newsletter templates ready before Halloween, and we would recommend you to send the campaign a week or so before the 31st of October; give your subs some time to plan their costume, prepare their party and bake their treats!


Thanksgiving email newsletter templates: so much to thank for!


You may be thinking “what do people buy on Thanksgiving apart from food and drinks? How can, let’s say, an insurance company, benefit from Thanksgiving?”. Well, we’ve got the answer!


It’s true that not that many companies can benefit from Thanksgiving in the commercial way. Supermarkets, bakeries can definitely do so, and so can clothing stores and hair and makeup salons, but what about other types of businesses?



Remember, dear friends, that selling is not the only purpose of a newsletter! They can be informative as well, or be used to invite our customers to an event. They can also be used as a greeting, just to wish our clients a nice day, and this type fosters loyalty like no other. This is the one type that any company can benefit from on Thanksgiving!


We have so much to thank for, and companies have so much to thank their clients. Make sure to let them know by sending them a beautiful “thank you for being here” campaign.



Sometimes it’s nice to receive a simple “thank you”, without any other intention. This generally touches people and engages them, creating a friendly bond between client and company. If you want to go even further, get them a discount for something that is actually related to Thanksgiving; 50% off on cakes from a supermarket chain, or celebrate a giveaway where they can win a gift card for a clothing store!


It’s such a nice detail that it’s difficult to forget, and your clients will take that into account when choosing to buy from you or from a competitor that wasn’t that kind on Thanksgiving day!

AppInstitute has, for example, a list of thanksgiving marketing ideas, they offer you some great tips to use during the holiday season, including some clever Instagram tricks and some inspiring campaigns for creative strategies.

Black Friday email newsletter templates: the Queen of sales


Here we have the undeniable queen of sales of the season, and, therefore, the easiest time of the year to make a killing. It’s the date that opens the Christmas shopping season and companies tend to offer great deals, so people literally go nuts in their shopping sprees.

Remember that Mailify’s templates are easily customizable!


Literally everyone can take part of Black Friday, it doesn’t matter which field your company’s on, because that is what clients expect. It’s true that the most common deals come from clothing and tech stores, but nobody’s gonna complain about a garage offering to change their wheels at half the price!


Remember that sales don’t only happen during that specific Friday; the next Monday, Cyber Monday, is also a thing, and sales and discounts happen during the whole previous week.



Thus, bring up your big guns and offer your juiciest deal to your subscribers; they will be expecting it, and if it’s good enough they won’t sleep on it and you will boost your sales!



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