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Two little words…to become more human

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Recently I was contacted by someone quite important in marketing to say thank you for a comment I’d left.  (I won’t name drop, I’ll just say his avatar is a Lego man!)

I was touched that he’d taken time out to come back to me, cue warm fuzzy feeling.

Of course, thanking makes good even great business sense, people will remember you with very positive associations.

So I’ll suggest to you to take a few minutes right now to say thank you, bring a little sunshine to someone, perhaps improve your karma…and maybe even get more business! 😉

Go on, tweet, mail, phone, do it!

I think thanking links in with a very sticky idea that I read a while back: there is no more business to business: it’s human to human or H2H.  I read the article about this marketing vision by Bryan Kramer over 2 months ago and it’s stayed with me since.

Key takeaway:

«Businesses do not have emotion. People do.  People want to feel something.  People want to be included.»



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