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99 Spam Words in Email Marketing To Ban From Your Campaigns

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99 toxic words to avoid in your  email marketing campaigns

The main objective of any email marketing campaign is to not end up in the spam box. There are various factors for a campaign to end up in the spam box,  but there is one easy way to avoid it: choosing the right language for your campaign. There are certain terms to use appropriately and others to avoid. Or better, delete them from your dictionary !


The list of spam words in Email Marketing in English

Let’s have a look at “toxic” words that make your campaign be classified as spam.

We prepared a list of 99 spam words that most definitely should not be in your email marketing campaigns:


100% Dear friend Get now
!! This is not spam Special offer
Have you been cheated on ? Euros Online
Why pay more ? Avoid bankruptcy Opportunity
$ Pharmacy Lose weight
Congratulations Please read
We accept credit cards Online degree Loan
Save up to Earn money Speed promotion
amazing Winner Drastic reduction
Increase Warranty Refinancing
Increase traffic Guaranteed Save up to
Increase sales Large profits Register
Income from home Free Full refund
Casino Do it now ! Book now
Cents on the dollar Do it today ! Satisfaction guaranteed
Start today Hormones Satisfied
Completely natural Hosting Insurance
Buy directly Amazing Sex
Free contacts Increase If it was this easy
Massive emails Additional income For free
Credit Extra income Without obligation
Offer coupon Best offer Risk free
Cure Best rates No tricks
Money Call now Request information
Free money Wonderful Apply now
Billing address Marketing Dream
Stock alert Best price Test
Free trial offer 50% off Work from home
Dollars Lowest price Join us
Drugs As you sleep Urgent
Free samples Sample Viagra
Remove Wrinkles You cannot live without Addresses on CD
Eliminate your debt Won Off shore


It can happen to anyone (in particular to those who send campaigns on a regular basis, including you) to use spam words in the subject lines or pre header of emails without even realizing it. So, it is very important to carry test emails before sending it to your entire database. If you get the test email in your spam, then you know something must be changed.


How to include words without being filtered as spam words in email marketing ?

Sometimes we want to inform our customers about some “interesting offers” or “irresistible discounts” or when we work in pharmaceutical industry, we have special offers on “medicines” or “weight reduction” products.

If you find yourself in a situation that will lead you to use spam words, there is a simple way to avoid writing those dangerous words and attracting the attention of anti-spam filters: insert an image with the text inside or add some illustration that conveys your message, you can find online photo libraries for almost all objects, products, services etc.



How to do email marketing without falling into anti-spam filters ?

A spam is an email sent to recipients without their consent to receive newsletters or campaigns from a particular sender. It would be unfortunate if your campaign got this false tag when you made an effort to have a clean database.

One of the most recommended options to do email marketing without falling into anti-spam filters is to find the best email marketing tool which has a strong anti-spam policy, advises you personally in your writing and manages your campaign.

Mailify has a strict anti-spam policy and helps you out to send successful campaigns. Try the software for a month free of charges and send campaigns free of spam words.


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