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Increase your e-commerce potential by connecting your Shopify shop to Mailify

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Thousands of online shops use the Shopify platform to manage their business. Email marketing has proven to be the perfect tool to drive more traffic to your Shopify website and create new sales opportunities. Optimize your customer lifecycle by sending targeted campaigns with the Mailify plug-in for Shopify. Optimize your customer lifecycle by sending targeted campaigns with the Sarbacane plug-in for Shopify. Thanks to this plug-in, you will be able to set up a quality email marketing strategy for your usual customers and make your new contacts discover your shop with your Shopify newsletter!


Benefits of the Mailify plugin for Shopify

Easy to integrate

No technical skills are required to connect your Shopify shop to your Mailify contact lists. Feel free to read our step-by-step tutorial dedicated to the installation and use of this plug-in.



Just like Shopify, Mailify is an intuitive tool to use. It offers you smart and powerful features tailored for your business but still remains easy to use. The Mailify connector for Shopify will increase your productivity and efficiency. You will optimize the performance of your shop.


A better deliverability

Improve the deliverability of your marketing and transactional emails in Shopify: e.g. welcome emails, order confirmations, delivery notifications and so on. The Mailify plugin allows you to use its professional routing infrastructure to send your Shopify confirmation emails.


Automatic synchronization

Automatically synchronize your Shopify customers and subscribers in Mailify. Collect data related to your customers’ orders. You will be able to precisely target your contacts according to their buying habits and behavioural criteria. By sending them a personalized and well-targeted message at the right time of their customer journey, you will increase their engagement rate.


A multi-channel communication

Thanks to the Mailify Connector for Shopify you can easily combine email and SMS campaigns. SMS is an excellent channel to strengthen customer relationships. Set up SMS messages to inform your customers with real-time order confirmation and delivery progress.


Saving time

You no longer waste time importing your contacts manually. Your contact lists will now be synchronized automatically. Thanks to Mailify’s email automation features, you are now able to easily create automatic scenarios adapted to your customers’ and subscribers’ journeys. Your contacts will receive a personalized communication. You will also save a lot of time by using the EmailBuilder to create your messages by simple drag&drop or use the responsive and customizable templates created by our expert designers. This guarantees an optimal user experience, no matter what device your contacts use.


Find out how to connect your Shopify site to Mailify to send your newsletters

Install the Mailify plug-in on your Shopify store

Go to the Shopify marketplace. Search and select the application «Sarbacane – Email & SMS» (named after the name of Mailify’s mother company).

Select it and click on the «Add Application» button. Accept the installation of the Mailify plugin by clicking on the «Install the application» button. The Plugin is now installed on your Shopify shop. You can now create a synchronized contact list in mailify.


Create a synchronized list in Mailify

Go to the «Contact Lists» section in Sarbacane. Create a new list. Select «Synchronized list». Choose the «Shopify» connector.

You will see a new window with an API key and an Account ID. Copy them and validate them before going to your Shopify shop.

Go to your Shopify shop with your AP key and launch the Mailify application. Insert the API key and Account ID in the corresponding fields and click «Save».

Back in Mailify, go to «Contact Lists» and then «Synchronized Lists». After synchronization, your list will appear in the contact lists of your Mailify account.


You now have all the skills you need to send your newsletters, marketing campaigns or automatic campaign scenarios to your Shopify contacts.


Want to learn more about Shopify? Find Shopify online courses on a variety of topics, from how to optimize the platform and tailor it to your needs to troubleshooting guides and video tutorials on various integrations.

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