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Mailify Sunrise launch: discover the brand-new platform

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After months of hard work and dedication from everyone here at Mailify, we’re very proud and excited to present the latest version of our marketing solution: Mailify Sunrise.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the key features of this new version, which we hope will allow you to reach and exceed your marketing goals.

An email marketing solution… but that’s not all

Originally, Mailify started as a solution for creating and sending email campaigns. Though this is still an essential part of the platform, we’re expanding the core features and functionality with this latest version.

Now, Mailify aims to give you a complete digital marketing toolkit that not only covers email marketing, but also includes features for SMS marketing and marketing automation.



By integrating the SMS functionality, Mailify diversifies the available acquisition channels and positions itself as an all-in-one direct marketing platform.

While sending engaging messages is the main pillar of any successful marketing strategy, post-marketing and pre-marketing efforts are equally important to completing your campaigns.

Therefore we have incorporated many new features that facilitate the acquisition of contacts, conversion, database management and marketing automation.

Let’s take a tour of the main changes and new features of Mailify Sunrise.


Downloadable software and a web application

This is a turning point for Mailify. The solution has always been presented as a desktop application, to download and install on your computer.

Today, Mailify is also accessible online – no prior installation needed.

We chose to offer both possibilities, downloadable application and a web version, because each offers its own advantages:


Advantages of the desktop application:

  • The tool remains usable even without an internet connection
  • Performance of the platform does not depend on connection quality
  • Data can be stored on the user’s computer and can be accessed at any time


Benefits of the web version:

  • No software to download and install
  • Usable from any place with an internet connection
  • Accessible from any device


A redesigned interface

With the keyword ‘user experience’ in mind, the interface has been completely redesigned by our R&D team and Art Director.

The result is an intuitive and user-friendly marketing solution. We have streamlined the campaign creation process to optimize and reduce the time spent on each element.

In terms of the look and feel, the application has a dark and modern theme set as default. But users can easily switch over to a crisp white theme if they prefer.

Finally, the code behind the application has also been renewed and rewritten, relying on the most modern and powerful technologies. This fundamental, technical change allows for increased speed, especially when browsing and importing large databases.

SMS becomes part of Mailify

This is one of the changes that impacts your day-to-day marketing activities the  most. With Mailify you can now create and send SMS marketing campaigns, in addition to email campaigns.

As business needs evolve, the number of marketing solutions on the market is growing fast. So much so, that it’s becoming complex for an SME to navigate through the overwhelming amount of applications… The one more promising than the next.

For that reason we decided to bring several direct marketing possibilities, including SMS, together in one centralized platform.


High open and reading rates make SMS an excellent addition to email marketing, as well as a great option for sending important information.

SMS may seem limited in terms of customization and design possibilities. But with Mailify you can create responsive web pages to redirect SMS recipients to.

SMS campaigns enrich Mailify’s marketing possibilities and give users new and valuable opportunities.


Marketing automation: Create automatic campaign scenarios

The other big update that Mailify Sunrise brings, is the possibility to automate your campaigns by creating workflows.

It’s now possible to prepare messages such as welcome emails, registration confirmations, birthday wishes… Or set up a series of emails and SMS messages that will be sent automatically based on certain triggers.

Set up and customize these scenarios through an intuitive and visual interface, where you can further control your marketing strategy and analyze the results. With Mailify Sunrise, there are three types of triggers that can unleash emails, which adapt well to any emial marketing strategy:

  • Welcome: it allows you to send out an email or SMS whenever someone subscribes to your database. You can go even furhter than a simple welcome message. For example, you can send out a particular offer two days following the subscription in order to inspire loyalty among clients.
  • Date: This trigger uses the date column in your database as a base. That date could be a birthday, subscription day, last purchase, etc… Whichever date you choose, your scenario will trigger messages to be sent out.
  • Update: activates automatically when there is a change made in your database. You have the freedom to choose which type of change will cause the trigger to be activated!

There are several ways to integrate forms to your website: Dedicated responsive web pages, pop-ups or HTML script that can be inserted wherever you want.

The range of possibilities allow you to collect leads easily in dedicated lists to send email or SMS campaigns to.

Create your form in a Drag n’ Drop editor, similar to the EmailBuilder, and integrate it directly from the platform. In other words, no need for advanced technical skills to be an online marketing pro! 


Registration forms and Pop-ups

The creation and customization of registration forms has been fully reviewed for this new version.


You now have the choice between different types of forms:

  • Database registration/update: allows you to propose to contacts the possibility of subscribing to your emailing list or to update an already existing list (to trigger automatic scenarios, for example).
  • Invitation/Event: Create an event invitation form to gather participants in an extremely easy and quick way.
  • Questionnaire: to create a survey of your customers in order to gather their opinions or to bring their ideas on how to improve your product, for example.

The registration/update forms can be integrated into different forms on your website: dedicated responsive web page, pop-up or HTML script to integrate wherever you want.

The possibilities are enormous and allow everyone to collect leads very easily with Mailify in dedicated lists to send email campaigns, SMS or automatic campaigns.

The formatting and integration options are also many, and form creation is done directly through a Drag n’Drop editor, in the manner of the EmailBuilder.

In other words, no need for technical knowledge to succeed in marketing!


Create responsive web pages

With Mailify you can now also create dedicated landing pages to meet a specific need. For example, you can create a page to showcase your product for recipients of an SMS campaign to be redirected to.

The landing pages you create with Mailify are responsive and automatically adapt to mobile devices.

These landing pages have several advantages:

  • Redirect your recipients to a page that is 100% optimized for conversion
  • Offer an optimal browsing experience
  • Take advantage of the excellent SMS open rate by attaching beautiful, responsive pages
  • Avoid wasting time integrating a web page in a temporary promo offer with the Drag n’ Drop builder
  • Customize pages based on offer, product, or type of recipient

To sum it up: landing pages are an effective way to convert leads without necessarily going through your website. This reduces the bounce rate and the loss of prospects when browsing your site.


Marketing pressure management

Since the very beginning Mailify strives to respect the recipients of messages sent through the platform. We’ve developed a manual moderation processes for campaigns and drafted a strict anti-spam policy to ensure the thousands of campaigns sent each day run smoothly.

To continue this momentum and to encourage responsible use of the platform, Mailify includes a marketing pressure management system, which can be activated or deactivated as needed.

This option allows you to control the number of messages that are sent to a particular recipient over a certain period.

This way, you can monitor and moderate you campaigns and avoid sending too many messages to the same individual within a short space of time.

This approach has the following benefits:

  • Control your brand image, especially when automatic scenarios are set up, so your contacts don’t consider you a ‘spammer’.
  • Avoid losing the interest of recipients who might get tired of receiving too many messages and unsubscribe.
  • Manage your sender reputation by avoiding weakening it over too many and insistent messages.

The same goes for Mailify’s core values, which advocate the respect of recipients and good sender behavior. With spam impacting the reputation of email marketing negatively, we must promote these values ​​and encourage our users to do the same.


Anti-spam test before sending an email

The spam filters of email providers can sometimes be arbitrary and mark a legitimate email campaign as junk mail. In fact, it can be difficult to understand why certain newsletters end up in the spam folder and others don’t.

We’ve built a content verification tool to predict whether a campaign is at risk of not reaching your recipient’s inbox.

This tool is an integration of the Spam Assassin plugin, known for its quality scoring and accuracy.

Before sending an email campaign, you can run the anti-spam analysis to generate a ‘spam score’. This evaluates the probability that your message will be considered spam. The tool also gives you all the details that make up your score so you know where there’s room for improvement.

This spam scoring tool is free and integrated to Mailify regardless of your subscription type. Proactively check if your email will be delivered properly in just one click, and avoid wasting time guessing where you went wrong.


A new EmailBuilder, to boost your creativity

The Mailify EmailBuilder was one of the application’s strengths at the time of release of the desktop version. An intuitive and easy-to-use email editor, allowing you to create emails in a matter of minutes by dragging and dropping blocks of content.

However, our R&D team have also turned their attention to this feature to make the tool even more practical and effective.

The new EmailBuilder includes some much anticipated customization features:

  • A complete call-to-action editor
  • Integrated image editor
  • Photo filters
  • Full width backgrounds (images or solid color)
  • Superimposition of HTML text over images
  • The integration of animated GIFs
  • Extreme simplification of content placement
  • Better management of the sizes of the different elements

This and other small adjustments make the new EmailBuilder complete creative tool.


+1300 royalty free HD images

The new version of Mailify also offers a larger image catalogue with more variety and high quality pictures.

We’ve partnered with the acclaimed Getty image bank to integrate more than 1300 high-definition images that are better suited to our clients’ business sectors.

This new image bank is the result of a careful selection process, based on the needs and feedback of our customers. And of course, all images are royalty free.


How to use Mailify Sunrise?

The new version of Sarbacane is already available for everyone!

Depending on your needs, you can access the web version or download the app on your computer.



Already customer?

  • Log in to the app using your usual credentials
  • Find your current Mailify credit balance
  • Start exploring Mailify and send campaigns
  • The price does not change! You keep your current offer and access the entire application

Don’t have an account yet?

  • Create your Mailify account for free
  • Log in via the web application or the Windows/Mac version
  • Enjoy a 30-day free trial with 1.000 email credits and 10 SMS credits


Transfer my Mailify Desktop campaigns and data to the new version

Visit Mailify Sunrise Help Center

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