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Sales : Ready, set, go and communicate !

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In most european countries, summer sales are around the corner. While finding the best deals can turn into a real art for some customers, communicating well is key for marketers during this period of the year. You have to be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors, make an impact on people’s minds in an original way without being intrusive. How to find the right frequency of communications? Email marketing or SMS, which channel should you use? Here are some tips to boost the effectiveness of your campaigns and your sales at that time of the year.


Email marketing, SMS, social networks: think multi-channel!

Establishing a well-balanced multi-channel communication will allow you to increase your visibility, stand out and reach more contacts. Automatic campaigns are an excellent way to create scenarios alternating email and SMS based on everyone’s preferences and behaviors.


Email marketing

A common communication channel, its potential should definitely be considered during the sales. Knowing that Internet users receive on average, outside the sales period, about forty emails a day, you will have to think out of the box so that your messages are read and push your contacts to buy.


Useful tips

– Create relevant objects: use effective catchphrases, avoid spamwords
– A neat, clear and responsive design: highlight your CTAs by playing with colors, use a design adapted to all reading materials and make sure you match the right image / text ratio.
– Use animated GIFs to draw your readers’ attention
– Customize your messages: segment your database based on geographical, identity and behavioral criteria. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, invite contacts nearby to come and visit your shop. Or, for example, highlight a product category that your contact particularly likes. – Personalized message

Email Marketing sales


– Highlight a benefit for your customers. For example: free shipping


Agnes B – Free shipping highlighted

Highlighted Benefits for customers


Text message: best friend of email marketing?

SMS, a complementary channel to email, has two obvious assets: its deliverability and its unbeatable reading rate (between 92% and 95%)! However, be careful not to use it too much… SMS remains a very effective method marketing-wise but it can become a turnoff when misused. It is essential to send relevant and personalized messages by SMS and alternate with other means of communication so as not to overload your contacts.


Words of advice:

– Use rich SMS: you can enrich a mere SMS by inserting a link to a landing page created and hosted on Mailify
– Personalize your SMS: SMS creates a more direct interplay with your contacts than email. By personalizing it with the names and/or first names of your contacts, you will cultivate a real and close relationship with each of them.
– Be sure to comply with the regulations on sending SMS messages


Social networks

In addition to the two channels mentioned above, social media is an excellent way to promote your offers and gain visibility, especially through sharing features.


Create landing pages to convert

Whatever the channel used, think of using landing responsive pages for each of your campaigns. Need help creating your landing pages? Consult our article dedicated to this subject for some tips.Whether you choose to implement a responsive landing page for computers or only for mobiles if you connect it to an SMS campaign, you will in any case increase your conversions for sure.


When do you need to communicate?


Before the sales

Highly regulated but also highly appreciated, private sales organized before the sales are an opportunity you can’t miss to interact with your most loyal customers. SMS is particularly effective for such invitations where the customer must feel unique and privileged. A few days before the launch of sales, you can also launch a countdown by email, for example.


Sarenza – Promoting private sales

Email Marketing private sales



During the sales

It may seem tempting to communicate every day on a specific offer or product, but don’t even think about it! Don’t spam your contacts by bombarding them with messages. Your customers receive many emails and SMS in normal times, and during sales periods it’s even worse. We would recommend to send a new campaign, via the channel of your choice, for each highlight: launch of sales, each new markdown, end of sales and/or for any special event you may organize yourself.


Brice – Sense of urgency «Last days»

Last days of sales


After the sales

Don’t let your customers leave like that. Share your new collections with them and don’t break the communications flow which is more intense during sales periods, too abruptly.


You now have all it takes to face this busy time of the year… So… ready, set, go and communicate ! And above all, don’t hesitate to share your feedbacks on your campaigns.


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