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[Tutorial] Sending automatic birthday emails with Mailify Sunrise

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Sending an email to your client on the day of their birthday is a great way to work on customer loyalty. So let us go through the benefits of this strategy and put it to practice in a way that is 100% automatic and efficient.


The benefits from a birthday email to the client

This kind of message allows for:

✓  Retain the client

✓  Obtain an old client back

✓  Increasing sales

✓  Perfecting the image of your brand


The tutorial: how to create an automatic birthday email in 6 steps

Estimated time of configuration: 15 minutes

To implement this tutorial, we will use the Mailify Sunrise email marketing solution – the method is very similar to other solutions, however.

Ando so, go on with the Login of your solution of choice and follow these steps:

  1. Start off by creating an automatic email marketing campaign

  2. Choose the list of clients to which you want to send out automatic birthday emails and name you cenario
  3. Choose the option “Date”

  4. Click the button “+” to add the first message of your campaign

  5. Write the actual birthday email
  6. Confirm the message and activate the automatic cenario

And you are ready to go!

Your message will be sent on the birthday of your clients!


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