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[Tutorial] Creating SMS marketing campaigns with Mailify Sunrise

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Sending SMS marketing is an excellent add-on to your email marketing campaigns. Even though the format has its limitations in terms of creativity compared to email, the deliverability rate of SMS marketing is incomparable. Approximately 90% of text messages are read within the first 3 hours of sending!

With such a high level of deliverability, it was a clear next step for Mailify Sunrise to expand the app with an SMS feature to provide added value to the users. Now, it’s just a matter of learning how to create rich SMS campaigns to take your email marketing to the next level!


What’s the advantage of having SMS marketing in my digital marketing campaigns?

One of great benefits of SMS marketing is its ability to connect you with your customers in an easy, quick and practical way. With an unbeatable deliverability rate, a text message can  be the bridge between your business and your clients.

  • Reception and visualization of SMS campaigns is incredibly elevated. Because of that, Mailify Sunrise allows you to create responsive dedicated pages to which you can direct the recipients of your texts.
  • Instantaneity of any SMS campaign leads to saving of both effort and money. Remember: while many people check their email once a day, we all pay much closer attention to our phones…

Although the concepts behind SMS marketing campaigns are pretty straightforward, quite a few people find the creation process a bit challenging – regardless of which marketing solution they use. And even though Mailify Sunrise has a highly intuitive interface, we made this tutorial to help out anyone who finds the process a bit confusing. Check it out!


Creating SMS marketing campaigns with Mailify Sunrise

Coming up with an SMS campaign is a very similar process to that of creating a mailing campaign: importing contacts, choosing recipients, elaborating on the message, test/sending. Only in this case, the message is made for a mobile device. This may give you the impression you won’t have any room for your creativity, but that’s only an illusion.

You can make your message more creative by adding dynamic personalization fields such as name, city, phone number… More than that, you can insert a link to any page you like – we recommend a dedicated landing page, which you can also easily make with Mailify Sunrise.

This may come in handy when you wish to cause a concrete action from the recipients. that action could be answering a form, purchase of goods, show off that new category you blog has… It’s a matter of letting your creativity take over. By using all features that Mailify Sunrise has to offer, you can have a fully integrated digital marketing campaign.

For example, with an text-message you inform your customers about the latest sale on your website and directs them to a landing page – where you display all your products in a clear and easy way. With Mailify Sunrise, you can have a landing page made specifically for mobile devices – making your landing page and you SMS campaign the best of friends. A mobile device based landing page would look something like this:Responsive design of landing page with Mailify Sunrise

The result will be a fully integrated digital marketing campaign that enjoys a vast reach and potentiates the conversion rate of you landing page. And it just so happens, that you can create both of those with Mailify Sunrise in a matter of minutes! If you would like to know more about how to create a landing page with Mailify Sunrise, feel free to check out our tutorial on the matter.

SMS marketing example with Mailify Sunrise

Within the available options when it comes to creating an SMS campaign with Mailify Sunrise, we have: the marketing kind or the notification kind. The marketing option works best with smaller groups of contacts, or a properly segment of you database (such as royalty-seeking or sales). The notification type of messages works best when sending out alerts to clients, such as an order confirmation.

So we can help you visualize what your text-message efforts could entail, here are some ideas of practical ways to use each type of massive SMS:

  • Marketing kind:
    • Anything related to sales or initiatives looking for higher customer loyalty. That can include discounts, event invitations, new products/collection information…
  • Notification kind:

Any type of alert! Following on our previous example of an online store, a notification SMS is a great way to keep clients up to date on the status of their order. A simple text with “You order XXXX was processed and is ready for delivery!” can make all the difference in the customer experience!

Rich SMS marketing campaign example with Mailify Sunrise


The Rich-message editor is a highly intuitive tool that allows for the creation of visually attractive text messages, following the simple design of drag and drop blocks of text, images or multimedia content.

To make you texts richer you can add multimedia content the same way you would in an email with images, videos or interactive flyers. Go beyond a simple text-message and offer a personalized user experience that reflects the identity of you brand, making a connection between your SMS and email campaigns and landing pages.

In case you want more information about all the different features that Mailify Sunrise has to offer, feel free to check out this tutorial that explains all the details.


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