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{Infographic} 7 Ways To Attract Readers With Your Email Campaign

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Struggling with ways to attract and engage your email subscribers? Don’t leave it to the ‘luck of the Irish’ – here are 7 ways to attract and engage your readers.



Strong Personalization

Don’t rely on luck to grab attention. Personalizing emails with hyper-relevant information is sure to peak their interest.

Success Stories

Show readers the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with success stories and testimonials from others like them.

Thought Leadership

Provide advice and insight that helps your readers improve their “luck”.

Visual Content

Strong visuals like videos and infographics have been known to magically double click-through-rates.


A (not so) secret society with members-only access to resources and content.

Email Listicles (List+Article)

Converting abstract concepts into instant knowledge encourages action and is as easy to digest as the perfect St Patty’s Day beer.


Make the pot of gold sparkle brighter with special discounts and incentives.


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