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How to Build Your First Email List?

According to HubSpot, it costs 5 times more to get a new customer than to retain the existing client. That is why targeting on keeping the customer at the platform is one of the key missions of digital marketing, so businesses spend great investments on this purpose.  But what if we say there is an […]

Preheader : encourage your contacts to open your emails

The preheader is often used incorrectly only to display the link to the web version of an email marketing campaign. If the web copy has to be included in your message, there is no need to display it in the inbox preview. This mention must be integrated further in the body of the message so […]

Increase your e-commerce potential by connecting your Shopify shop to Mailify

Thousands of online shops use the Shopify platform to manage their business. Email marketing has proven to be the perfect tool to drive more traffic to your Shopify website and create new sales opportunities. Optimize your customer lifecycle by sending targeted campaigns with the Mailify plug-in for Shopify. Optimize your customer lifecycle by sending targeted […]

Email retargeting: how to re-engage the visitors of your website with Mailify?

When you manage a website, it is essential to generate traffic in order to have enough leads to convert. But the volume of visits by itself is often not enough to achieve a good conversion rate. Indeed, the moment of the visit does not always match the moment of the purchase decision. Email retargeting enables […]

Abandoned carts : how to win your customers back?

Travel agencies, online shops, jewellers, cosmetics, household items, decoration, fashion, etc. Abandoned shopping carts on e-commerce websites affect every business sector. About 50-75% of users leave the online purchasing process before completing their order. If trying to persuade all these leads to complete their order remains impossible, setting up an effective and intelligent strategy to […]