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Tips to improve your email newsletter results, stay up-to-date with our email marketing software features, and stay on the cutting edge of email marketing and newsletter tech news.

Email Marketing Software

Email marketing software

Here we’ll tell you everything about our amazing email marketing software! Why is Mailify different to the others? Which is the best way to use it? Which tools and plugins does it include? We’ll share information such as:

How can Google Analytics help you track your success and learn from your mistakes by showing you your web traffic and statistics on your campaigns.
How can you synchronise your Magento or Prestashop account to your mailing contact list to help your ecommerce.
How easy can it be to import your content directly from Wordpress to build your newsletter campaign.
How professional can a newsletter built by an amateur look, as our templates and our drag-and.drop design system does all the job for you!
How can you finally choose the top newsletter campaign thanks to our A/B test system; our email marketing software takes care of everything!
How to use FormBuilder, our own editor, WebHooks, so you can connect Mailify with other apps to learn more about your campaign, API, to synchronize your contact list, GetInBox, so you can visualize your campaign in any type of inbox, and many more!

In this category you’ll find info about;

How to segment your database
Our email marketing software’s deliverability
Our email builder
How to use Outlook for mailing campaigns

What are you waiting for? Everything you need to know about what a good email marketing software should include is in here!

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