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Mailify EmailBuilder updates

Over the past few months, our teams have upgraded our campaign editor to offer our users an even more intuitive and powerful experience when creating their campaigns. All these improvements improve the design possibilities within Mailify’s EmailBuilder. This article reviews the main evolutions of our editor. Warning: some email clients, especially Outlook, do not support […]

Mailify Sunrise is full of news!

A broad range of new features are awaiting you. Discover the latest advanced functions in the 6.1 version of our software.   “The first new and much expected feature: video content!”   You now have the possibility to integrate easily video content into your newsletters with Mailify Sunrise. Thanks to a new type of content […]

[Tutorial] GDPR & Email marketing: reconfirm the consent of your contacts

GDPR & Email marketing: reconfirm the consent of you contact list   Many wonder how to prove the consent of their recipients to continue to send them emails. In this post we will show you how to keep sending newsletters to your contacts in an always effective way. Let us begin!   Mandatory consent or not? […]

Mailify Cheers New Customers With a 2-Week Discount

Mailify offers once again exceptional discounts during 2 weeks, in order to allow everyone to embark on email marketing, at the cheapest cost.   On this occasion, all email credit packages come with a -25% discount from April 18th to 30th for any new customer. This represents a genuine opportunity for SME managers or small business marketing managers […]