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5 Email Marketing Mistakes That Kill The Openness Of Your Letters

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Do you think that email marketing has lost its former effectiveness? Do not worry. This customer acquisition channel is still alive. However, there are a number of errors that can completely destroy the effectiveness of mailing lists. You can make the highest conversion letter, but if it was not open, the rest does not matter. In this article, we will talk about the 5 main Email Marketing errors that kill the openness of your letters.

Poor subject line

Perhaps one of the key mistakes that significantly reduces the opening rate is the poor-quality text of the subject line. According to studies, 33% of recipients decide to open a mailing list based solely on the topic.


Every day, each owner of an email receives a huge amount of emails. Each sender fights for the attention of the recipient. Only strong subject lines are able to interest the user, otherwise, the letter risks falling into the number of unread ones. Therefore, before starting campaigns, you should send texts to Ivory Research for proofreading or use services like Grammarly to check grammar. This will help to avoid typos and make the topic quality.


The topic should be concise, understandable and thoughtful. According to a study, it became known that there are a number of words that negatively affect the openability of letters. Among them:

  • Percent off;
  • Help;
  • Reminder.

It is also better to give preference to personalized newsletters. According to statistics, they are more popular among users, they are opened much more often. Along with everything else, we recommend constantly doing A / B testing. Remember that each audience individual and the same type of approach will not be able to bring good results in all cases.

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Ignoring segmentation

Only the correct segmentation will help to create good topics that can interest users. If you do not know the location, interests and other characteristics of the target audience, you will not be able to write a text related to it. And therefore it must be interesting to discover. 

According to the report, based on an analysis of 200 million letters, it was found that segmented campaigns had an average open rate of 14.06% higher than bulk mailings.

Study the audience, find out what it’s interested in, and then carefully segment it. The high competition requires individual solutions, mass email marketing in such an environment is simply impossible.

You do not use automatic emails 

This technique allows you to create a newsletter based on certain user actions. For example, a visitor left an item in a basket and did not complete a purchase. He receives an automated newsletter reminiscent of this product. The advantage of such letters is their timeliness and relevance. This means that you are sending information that really interests the audience.

Bad list management

An illiterate approach to list management can be bad for your email marketing. This is fraught with the fact that your newsletters may not be of interest to users or ISPs simply stop delivering your e-mail messages.

To avoid this, you must create an internal list based on permissions.

According to statistics, 43% of email recipients send spam emails based on a name or email. For this reason, you need to make sure that your recipients know who you are. Below are some ways you can do this simply and efficiently.

  • Invite users to purchase a newsletter from your company after purchase.
  • Post a form on the site where visitors can leave an email to receive useful emails.
  • Offer something in return for an email. It can be anything, a promotion, a discount coupon and much more.
  • Create a rubricator where the user can independently subscribe to the newsletters of interest.


A low percentage of deliverability and engagement

One of the key factors that affect openness rates is low engagement with previous campaigns and poor overall deliverability. To avoid this, you need to do the newsletter exclusively on the list of contacts who have permission to the newsletter. Users expect to receive a letter from you, which is why they are more likely to open it.

ISPs carefully monitor how often you receive complaints and what percentage of open letters you have. These criteria affect your reputation, and therefore your mail deliverability.

To avoid such situations, do the following:

  • Send confirmation email subscriptions. This will allow you to get more targeted contacts.
  • Distribute exclusively to involved users. Track activity and create campaigns for recipients who were previously interested in letters (over the past six months).
  • Give the opportunity to subscribe exclusively to the headings of interest. Make subscription settings available to users. The independent choice of the resulting content will positively affect your reputation. 


Create high-quality newsletters, pay a lot of attention to personalization. Avoid common mistakes and this will improve the quality of Email Marketing. Remember that any tool can be effective or useless, it all depends on how you use it.

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