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Mailify Sunrise Tutorial: Marketing automation, SMS and email marketing in one application

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Making an email marketing campaign, sending out SMS campaigns, or coming up with a marketing automation strategy is easy with the new Mailify Sunrise app. If you have defined your objectives and contact list, the new software offers the tools to develop an integrated marketing strategy in just a few steps. A repertoire of over 50 functionalities will allow you to make your campaigns a success.

Previously, Mailify exclusively focused on email marketing campaigns. Now with Mailify Sunrise, additional complementary features have been added to the platform: SMS campaigns and marketing automation. This new technology incorporated in the app allows you to diversify the acquisition channels of marketing campaigns.


How can I send marketing campaigns and create automated workflows with Mailify Sunrise?

Creating an integrated marketing campaign with Mailify Sunrise is simple! In the following paragraphs we’ll show you how it’s done. We’ll also highlight some of the key benefits of using the application and why you should implement email marketing, SMS and marketing automation in your company.

Sending email marketing campaigns: How and why?

Email marketing is a direct marketing technique that has proven to be the most effective approach. It consists of sending mass emails to a list of contacts who have previously consented to receiving messages. This channel offers the biggest return on investment, and is 40 times more effective than Twitter and Facebook combined.

Do you have a commercial or loyalty-related goal for your company? Making an email marketing campaign won’t cost you a thing. Apart from being simple, Mailify is also  intuitive and setting up a campaign is done in just a few clicks:

1. Firstly, within a campaign you have the following options: email campaign, SMS campaign and automatic campaign.

2. After selecting the standard campaign, you’ll need to import your contacts. You can import one or multiple previously created lists, or you can create a new list from scratch. You can also segment and create a new contact list based on behavioral statistics.

3. The next step focuses on creating contact profiles by adding information to the  columns: name, last name, date, etc. You will also be enabled to add a blacklist with the contacts you want to exclude from the campaign.

We’d like to point out the advantage of the A/B split-test: This is a test that analyzes the behaviour of two samples of contacts, by showing them two different versions of the same message. The version with the best results is the winner and that message will be sent to the remaining contacts automatically. It’s important to respect the minimum number of sample contacts in order to ensure that the results are representative.

4. It’s time to craft your message: There is a total of 67 templates meant to be used for newsletters, e-commerce, notifications, invitations to events or parties… Once you have chosen the template, you can edit it by ‘dragging and dropping’ content blocks and images.

5. Test and send: After customizing the template with your content, you will have the option to test the campaign and then, after you’ve checked everything is ok, send the definite campaign on the date and time of your choice.

6. Pick the sending type: At this point, you must select the way you want to send your massive email. You will have 3 options: immediate sending, deferred sending and predictive sending.

Predictive sending: It’s a new functionality that integrates artificial intelligence and defines algorithms based on which is the best day and the ideal time for a user to receive an email. A before and after in your opening rate records.

Immediate or deferred sending: you should consider if it is more beneficial for your campaign to send your emails immediately or to schedule a date for it.


Sending in intervals: this is another innovation of the new Mailify tool, which allows you to reduce the volume of your sendings in small quantities. In addition, you can regulate the number of sendings and determine stages.



Now that you know how to send email campaigns, why not complementing your strategy with SMS marketing?

Creating an SMS campaign follows the same steps as a regular email campaign: importing contacts, choosing recipients, crafting a message and testing/sending. The only difference is that you create the message specifically for reading on a mobile phone. You can use dynamic fields in your SMS such as name, email, phone number, city, country, date… And  SMS even allows you to insert a link to a web page or a landing page.

SMS is the perfect addition to email marketing. The deliverability and open rate of SMS messages are extremely high. That’s why Mailify allows the creation of responsive web pages to which you can direct your contacts. Apart from being immediate, SMS campaigns also allow you to save time and money. For that reason, Mailify will become your assistant in day-to-day communication: informing, alerting, inviting your contacts, or promoting your business.

When creating an SMS campaign, there are two types of messages available: marketing SMS and notification SMS. The marketing message works for clients or segmented groups (promotional SMS or loyalty initiatives). The notification message is suitable for sending  SMS alerts, such as registration confirmations or order updates.

To enrich your SMS you can insert multimedia elements, just like you would in email campaigns, with images, videos, or interactive flyers. Go beyond a simple SMS and create a personalized user experience, adapted to your brand.

The Rich-Message editor is a easy-to-use tool that allows you to create attractive SMS by dragging and dropping content blocks, images or multimedia elements. The recipients will reach your web page through the link inserted into the SMS.



Marketing automation? Automate your email marketing and SMS campaigns with Mailify

One of the most important changes to creating email marketing campaigns with Mailify Sunrise, is the possibility of setting up email and SMS sequences that are completely automated. Automate your campaigns to send the right message at the right time. This way you’ll save valuable time when it comes to planning and structuring your strategy.

The new Mailify version integrates Artificial Intelligence into marketing automation, which enables you to send messages according to the behavior of the user.

You have the opportunity to set certain conditions in the sequences so that, according to the users’ reaction to a message, the one that best suits their interest is sent to them.


Every automated marketing campaign must be linked to a contact list in order to send out messages. In a similar way, the contact list can be linked to an online subscription form which allows you to grow your lists and instantly trigger the sending of campaigns.

This type of campaign can be based on the following three types of triggers:

  • Welcome: This will send an email every time a new subscriber is added to your database. You can also add other content apart from the welcome message, such as a discount offer a few days after the subscription to develop customer loyalty.
  • Date: This trigger is based on the date column in the database. For example the client’s birthday, the last purchase, or expiration date.
  • Updates: This triggers a scenario automatically when some type of modification or update takes place in your database.

Marketing automation is the ideal way of building loyalty and drive conversion: Automated and personalized messages which will be sent at the best possible times.

We’ve covered the three ways Mailify Sunrise supports the implementation of an email marketing strategy. Now, let us go back to the homepage of the application. Apart from creating lists and campaigns, the app offers two more features: creating online forms and templates.

Loyalty with marketing automation: Create and send forms to get to know your users better

The new version of the app has extended the options for creating personalized forms. There are now three types of forms that you can choose from, which all work hand-in-hand with marketing automation:

  • Subscription/updating info: Offer your contacts the opportunity to subscribe to your database or to update their existing information. The form can be shown in three different ways. You can use one of the existing templates, program a pop-up on your webpage, or generate an HTML script and insert it wherever you wish.

  • Invitation/event: A quick and easy way to collect data from the participants is through an event invitation form. You only need to add the name, date and location of your event.
  • Form: Consists of a questionnaire to capture the opinions or suggestions of your audience on how to improve your product. After selecting one of the available form templates, you will just need to insert the link to the form with the URL from your domain, and share it instantly on your social media accounts.

Creative landing pages to convert

With Mailify Sunrise you’ll be able to create web pages to respond to a specific need. For example, you can create a page that displays your product with a special offer and direct your SMS recipients to it.

There are two options when creating a landing page: A responsive page, which adapts to the reading device, making it the ideal way to promote your page via email. Or a webpage exclusively made for mobile phones, which is a simplified version of a landing page, for promotion via SMS.

This way, you’ll be able to direct your contacts from SMS campaigns to a page specifically designed to convert, making the best use of the high open rate of SMS. Without a doubt, landing pages are the perfect channel to convert your leads without making them navigate around your website, thus avoiding bounces.

Anti-spam test in Mailify Sunrise: Ensure your emails reach the inbox

Email service providers have filters that can send your email marketing campaign straight into the unwanted mail folder. This happens to emails labeled as spam. In order to avoid this unfortunate fate, the new app has a built-in tool that checks the content of your email: The anti-spam test.

With this tool, you can carry out an anti-spam analysis before sending your campaign. This analysis will generate a score, which is an estimation of the possibility of your email being labeled as spam. In addition, a report is added so you can see the details of each element that increases the ‘spam danger’. Thanks to the anti-spam test, you’ll know in advance if your emails are likely to reach your contact’s inbox.


Design your newsletter in the most simple and interactive way with the EmailBuilder

The EmailBuilder is a graphic editor with a drag-and-drop system that is intuitive and flexible. It allows you to simply select and drag blocks of content. The new features of this design tool include:

  • An image editor and retoucher
  • The overlapping of texts above background images
  • Integration of animated GIFs
  • Biggest simplification of inserting of content
  • Improved management of formats and sizes of different elements
  • Several new filters for pictures
  • Complete and improved buttons makers


Getty joins Mailify Sunrise: Access to over 1.300 new royalty free HD pictures

For this new version, we offer a new image library with higher quality and more variety. This is the result of a partnership with the well-known Getty image bank, a library of 1.300 HD images tailored to the various business sectors of our clients.

The new photos in the image bank were carefully selected, based on feedback from our clients regarding quality and marketing purpose. And just to mention it once again: all images are completely royalty free.


Effective insights: Measure the results of your campaigns and improve your marketing automation

Analyse the results of your campaigns and improve the performance. In the statistics tab, you’ll find several metrics to help you make decisions about future marketing automation campaigns. Just because you won’t be sending the emails manually doesn’t mean that you don’t need to stay on top of your automated campaigns.

Mailify Sunrise has a tool that offers real-time reporting on your campaign statistics. Adapt the content and timing of your messages, and observe how it affects the performance of your campaign. This way, you’ll get to know your contacts better and tend to their needs more effectively.

In the results section you’ll find an overview of the key metrics: click rate, open rate, number of bounces and unsubscriptions. Apart from displaying a pie chart and a frequency polygon on the top part, the overview also offers a comparison of metrics between the use of  desktop and mobile.

The behavioral analysis part displays a table with a list of email addresses of contacts, along with several other columns with actions or behaviour.

The other three parts are: Geographical location, which shows an interactive map of the users’ locations; and also, links with the URL of the sources from which contacts accessed your campaign and with which technology they used. In any area within the results tab, you can generate reports or carry out campaign actions based on the results.

The Heatmap has come to stay.

We can not finish the statistics and reports section without letting you know of our new signing, or rather our repechage: the Heatmap. This service detects and shows the zones of more and less activity of your newsletter in a heat map. The Artificial Intelligence returns to intervene here in a very special way. The redder the area, the more activity there has been, as shown in the image:



Now you have all the tools necessary to carry out a fully integrated marketing automation strategy. The new version, which is more complete and has a clear and intuitive design, comes with the tools to ensure the success of your campaigns (Anti-spam and A/B tests). The SMS feature and the option to create automated messages based on user behavior, are valuable assets to email marketing. The platform is therefore an all-in-one marketing automation solution for your email and SMS campaigns.


After seeing all that Mailify Sunrise has to offer, how can you implement it in your business?

There are two ways you can use your marketing automation tool: the web version or the downloadable desktop version. The desktop version doesn’t need an internet connection and the data will only be stored locally on your computer. The web version doesn’t require any download, and can be used anywhere with internet connection, from your browser of choice.


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