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Why SERP Analysis Is Important for Your Email Marketing campaign?

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It’s common knowledge that email marketing is good for both your sales and SEO profile. Email marketing allows you to target qualified leads and increase site traffic at the same time. Doing your SEO well can help make your email marketing campaign better. The knowledge you get while doing it and the tools used for SERPs analysis can take it to another level.

Here’s how you can leverage SERPs analytics in your next email marketing campaign.

Perfect match for seasonal products


It’s no secret that some products sell better during a specific season. But what exactly to sell and when to start your seasonal email marketing campaign? Often, that choice is made based on intuition or experience of the team.

With SERP analytics, you don’t need to rely on human factor anymore. The resources you have probably won’t allow you to investigate the whole market to see when a specific product generated more sales.

You can do something better. Get insight into peoples’ heads with Google Trends. You’ll see just what they want and when they want it based on search trends.


google trens serps analysis


Source: Google Trends

Here, you can see that the demand for email marketing is constant, while the demand for sunscreen is seasonal. Type in any product that you’re considering to include in your seasonal email, and you’ll see the exact date the trend for it starts, peaks, and fades.

Smart content ideas


Are you struggling to come up with content ideas to include in your weekly digest? That’s something all content marketers could relate to. If you’re creating mediocre content that doesn’t interest newsletter subscribers, email CTR will slowly drop until they’re not interested in your emails anymore.

You can solve this complex problem with one tool that doesn’t even cost you a dime.



answer the public serps analysis



Source: AnswerThePublic

Answer The Public browses Google suggestions and shows what long-tail keywords contain your target word. For the word “sunscreen” we’ve found 178 suggestions. Each of them can be a topic for a long-read that will get you thousands of page visits from email campaign alone.

Speak to the audience the right way


Split testing is key to success in any email marketing campaign. There’s no magic formula of the perfect email. You have to create different variants of an email and test them on a live audience, leaving only those that perform best.

However, you can get a glimpse of what the response could be without brute-forcing your way through. Look up the keywords relevant to your email topic, and see what snippets attract more visitors.

Checking individual link CTR will require you to use advanced SERP analytics tools, and email marketing is not a suitable reason to buy one. But if you’re using one for SEO already, it’s a great unintended use for it.

Now that you know what wording attracts CTR in your particular niche, base your email topic on it to see more people click on your newsletter.

Adding keywords relevant to a specific user category will also help you to grasp attention in the crowded “Incoming” folder.

Wrap up


The bottom line is, analyzing SERPs gives you a lot of knowledge about your audience. It’s up to you how are you going to use it. While the primary goal of the analysis is going up the SERPs, your email marketing campaign can benefit from it as well.

Add these three tips to your arsenal of email marketing techniques, and you’ll see your email campaign generate sales.


Author: James Riddle is a multi-topic writer at passionate about new technologies, marketing trends and branding strategies. 




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