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Why is it not recommended to use the built-in SMTP server?

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Email marketing has been one of the most effective sources of traffic for many years. It is used by companies around the world due to its high rate of return. According to Litmus research, its return on investment is 38: 1. That is why brands are interested in developing this channel. They are constantly looking for ways to optimize the process and make the delivery rate as high as possible. This article details SMTP server

What is a SMTP-server

Emails are sent through the SMTP server. It is a network protocol for transmitting emails. The work and execution of the protocol functions is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • the server receives letters from the mail client;
  • transfers them to another server;
  • it sends letters to the incoming mail server.

In a business context, SMTP is used for email newsletters. Performs such tasks:

  1. Checks if the settings are correct. If the answer is yes, then they give permission to send.
  2. Provides sending a message to the specified address. Confirm the success of the operation. In case of impossibility, they give an answer about the error in sending.

SMTP, when sending a message, communicates with the server that should receive it. This is done by exchanging commands between servers. An unlimited SMTP session is generated with SMTP operations.

They must have three teams:

  1. MAILFROM – determining the return address required to return letters.
  2. RCPT TO – destination address. It is a reusable team. The number of actions with a variable depends on how many recipients there are in total. RCPT TOs are part of the SMTP shell.
  3. DATA – message content. This refers to information about the title and body of the letter. When forming the answer, the server first answers this variable, and then the question of acceptance / rejection of the letter. First, a notification of readiness to receive a message occurs.

SMTP server

Benefits of an embedded SMTP-server

The main advantage of the tool is the ability to send several letters at once. For this reason, SMTP is used by the business.

Also, the tool is convenient to use. For the integration of the SMTP server, you do not need to install additional software. It is enough for the user to specify the key options of the SMTP server in the mail client settings.

Disadvantages of the integrated SMTP-server

Firstly, the difficulty of sending messages. Suppliers restrict the sending of large numbers of emails to prevent spam attacks.

The second is insecurity. Using the built-in SMTP server, you need to take care of the impossibility of authorizing third parties in your account. This is done by specifying an individual login and password to connect.

These disadvantages of embedded SMTP servers are not new. Therefore, there are many ways to deal with them. One of the most effective is to use a best VPN in Singapore. Below is more about its benefits. But rest assured, it is to help.

Why a VPN server – 3 situations when it is needed

  1. The provider blocks external connections on port 25 and 465. Because of this, the mail client simply cannot communicate with the mail server via SMTP.
  2. Hit workstation IP addresses in RBL. The latter are spam host databases. Known as black sheets. When the IP address gets into them, mail is not sent, or delivered to the spam folder.
  3. The need for a reliable connection to transfer mail from the workplace to the mail server.

It is worth noting that the second situation is most often observed. The reason is not even in the sender’s mail.

RBL is a database with open mail servers. It is important what the name implies. Open servers are those that do not have proper administration and are used for uncontrolled spamming. Openness lies in the fact that mail is received and sent from anyone to anybody. In case of connection with a similar «dirty» ip-address, sent messages are automatically detected in the spam folder. The second option – messages do not reach the addressee.

SMTP server

How to ensure reliable mail delivery?

To do this, four requirements must be observed:

  1. Purity IP-address of the computer, which is used to authorize on the SMTP server and send mail to the server.
  2. Purity IP address and proper SMTP server setup.
  3. Cleanliness of the letter. You need one that has not previously been blocked by spam filters. Particular attention should be paid to such message components as contacts (telephones, address, email) and links.
  4. The positive reputation of the newsletter program. We need reliable software that was not previously used for spam attacks.

Today, sophisticated mail filtering systems work. They take into account many options. One of the first to check the IP addresses of the sending user, which are allocated by the provider, for mention in black-IP databases.

What should I do if the IP address is blacklisted?

The first option is to talk with the provider about negotiations with the owners of black-IP databases. RBLs may contain an address or an entire network. If the provider agrees, the process will take about a week and with a high probability will end in a positive outcome.

Minus of the decision – the email newsletter will work until the next blacklist. Providers often issue one IP to many users. Sometimes a few thousand. And even if this is not so, getting one address in RBL will lead to the addition of a part / the whole network to the database.

Therefore, the best way to solve the problem of getting an IP address in black lists is to use a VPN. It provides complete independence from the provider. Purchasing a VPN account provides the user with an individual IP address that replaces the provider’s address. Mail is sent from a pure IP that the service provides. And only you have access to it.

In any communication, it is important to be noticed and heard. In this case, care must be taken to ensure that the letter is delivered and read. Take some time and effort into this. Think about the appropriate content that will be interesting to customers, and the results will not be long in coming.



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