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4 Reasons Why Email Marketing is A Vital Part of Digital Marketing

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Getting the Right Digital Marketing Strategy 


Today’s digital marketers face challenges from businesses of all sizes in search of the

perfect multi-channel approach. Everyone knows that we need a well-built website that ranks well on Google and has an accurate and positive profile on local directories and review websites, but every year more and more social media platforms and apps are released.  Businesses increasingly find themselves having to make the difficult decision of which digital marketing channels to focus on and which to ignore.


Checking Your Tik Tok Before Your Emails Is a Bad Idea. 


Many small and medium-sized businesses make the mistake of focusing on social media at the cost of their own website and more effective marketing channels. Having a greater social media presence is certainly something that some businesses could consider, but it shouldn’t be top of the list of most businesses, who often don’t have the essentials covered. Before we start creating new content for yet another platform, we need to make sure that the channels we choose are serving their ultimate purpose: to drive traffic to our website that leads to conversions. Smart digital marketers know to avoid the tendency of focusing on what’s news at the cost of what works. There is an important digital marketing channel that has been part of digital marketing since the beginning of the internet: email marketing, and it can do many things that even latest app or social media channels can’t, so before you even think about setting up a TikTok account for your business, you should check out our list of 4 reasons why email marketing is a vital part of effective digital marketing strategy. 


1# Email Marketing Improves a Site’s Rankings 


The best SEO strategy finds the best possible audience for a website’s content. Email marketing can be extremely effective in getting this right. A well-implemented call to action within content that encourages site visitors to sign up to email notifications, can be a great way of building up an effective audience. Additionally, modern email targeting services provides a whole host of filters for precision targeting that ensures the right audience is targeted.

This all helps a website’s ranking in multiple ways. First, If more people come to a website who are actually interested in its content, they will stay on it for longer. This will increase the average length of time that visitors stay on the site, and as a result, the site’s bounce rates will improve. This is an important ranking factor as search engines like Google see it as a sign that content is of value and has authority. Greater interest in content will also lead to more backlinks and more repeat customers which are also great for a site’s rankings and online presence. 

digital marketing

2# Email Marketing Is A Great Way Bring  Back More Repeat Visitors. 


Email Marketing is a great channel for building a long term connection with site visitors. Even though emails can reach millions, each individual email can be addressed directly to its receiver. This gives the reader the feeling that they are being spoken to directly which is very different from posts that can be lost in a social media newsfeed. 


3# Email Marketing Can Bring Visitors Back from The Dead


The vastness of the internet often makes digital marketers focus on finding new visitors at the cost of existing audiences. Many marketers use social media as a means of connecting with this existing customer base. The problem comes when users unsubscribe from a social media channel or social media platform goes out of fashion. Then it becomes impossible to engage with these customers without paying for ads.


Email marketing, on the other hand, offers marketers another chance to bring visitors and customers back; A well-targeted and written reactivation email, perhaps complete with promotional offers, can be a very effective way of bringing back visitors who may have gone astray. In a world of increasing paid ad prices, getting more repeat customers to your website is more important than ever. Get those reactivations right and you can effectively bring visitors and customers back from the dead.  


4# A Greater Chance for Feedback

An important part of creating the best possible content for a website is about trial and error and seeking feedback. Email marketing provides a great channel for creating private engagement that makes site visitors feel secure that they can give their honest feedback. Customers don’t have to worry about their comments being posted publicly. It’s also much easier to do. They don’t have to login to a Facebook or a WordPress account they can just click reply and give you their honest opinion. 


You can then take this feedback onboard and even respond thanking the user for their feedback and alerting them to new content that has implemented their recommendations.  Mail services also offer very useful data on open and engage rates that tell site owners valuable information for optimizing the way site content is presented. 


In conclusion, Email marketing is a vitally important digital marketing channel that helps SEO strategies in four ways: First It brings great quality traffic to a website that will engage with content boosting ranking and conversion rates. Second, it is a great way to bring back repeat visitors. Third, it can bring back repeat customers from the dead in a way social media cannot. Finally, Email marketing provides priceless feedback: a core component of any effective content creation strategy. 


Author: Joshua Schofield is the Marketing Content Manager for rankingCoach Cologne.

He has spent the last decade working in content creation, digital marketing, and corporate education. He has a Masters in American History from The University of Nottingham



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