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Mailify innovates: New, intelligent features and optimized UX

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At Mailify, we are starting off the year with the launch of new innovations. Our latest product update, Sunrise 6.2, expands the functionality of our marketing software with two advanced features, and introduces several UX optimizations.

Here’s a closer look at what’s new. And remember, you can always contact with us to find out more about Mailify’s latest innovations. You can comment on this blog or call our team anytime. We’d love to hear from you!


The features: Time-efficiency and advanced campaign performance


Mailify Sunrise 6.2 is a pivotal release in our innovation journey and continued commitment to provide cutting-edge technology, to ensure the success of your marketing operations.


We believe high-performing marketing strategies are driven by real data and Artificial Intelligence. In fact, we also like to call this ‘Marketing Intelligence’. And with our latest features, you’ll have that at your fingertips.   


  • Take the next step in marketing automation


automatic email workflow


As a business, time-efficiency is something we all aim to achieve and optimize. Automation plays a key role here, and our latest workflow feature follows from that notion.

Now you can build multi-message workflows based on an analysis of recipients’ behavior. An email opening, a click on a link or cta-button, or the occurrence of a specific event… Tailor the course of the workflow to trigger the right messages for each segment, at the right time.

This way, more complex communication scenarios are covered within one single automatic workflow, which ultimately means saving valuable time in your and increasing engagement levels with your contacts.  


  • Send your message when recipients are ready to open



Imagine being able to predict when your contacts are most likely to read your email…and being able to deliver your message precisely at that moment. For each and every one of them.

Our new ‘predictive sending intelligence’ does precisely that, and not a crystal ball insight. Instead, we turn to data. With an advanced algorithm based on AI, Mailify can now calculate the optimal sending time for each contact individually.

To determine the optimal sending time, this smart technology takes different data points into account, such as geographical location, time-zone, and behavioral statistics from past campaigns in terms of opening and reactivity.

This means, you can efficiently apply a personalized sending strategy, based on real data, for each individual recipient. Let’s increase those opening rates!



  • The return of the Heatmap




Some of you may remember this one. And if you were a fan before, we have great news for you: The heatmap is back, and it’s better than ever. For those new to this feature, the heatmap is an addition to the Statistics section of the app.

This map provides a visual analysis of the performance of the links in your campaign. Colors ranging from, green to red, represent the intensity level of the clicks that each part of the email campaign received.

By having the click-data instantly comprehensible, you’re able to analyze your campaign performance in a highly visual and intuitive way.


  • Interval-based sendings


Email campaigns have the ability to generate a mountain of work for Sales and Support teams. And sometimes it can even get a little tricky to juggle everything at once. That is where ‘interval-based sending’ comes in.

Instead of sending your message to your entire contact list at once, you can choose to send the campaign in stages, or ‘intervals’ as we like to say, with each interval consisting of a set number of contacts. This allows you to take a very practical approach to managing the workload of teams directly affected by the launch of a campaign.


The UX: Optimized navigation and menu access  


Besides the new features, the launch of 6.2 also focuses on delivering a more ergonomic design and intuitive navigation experience within the app. The improvements include a restructuring of the menus for more efficient access to information.


  • Efficient browsing


There are two key changes in the way you can browse the app.

First of all, campaign data is now centralized on one single dashboard, providing a birdseye overview of your campaigns across all channels, i.e. email marketing, SMS, automation.

Secondly, the Campaign menu has been enhanced with visual snapshots to help you find what you’re looking for.

Campaigns are now identified by a ‘thumbnail’ that displays the primary image of the campaign. And automated campaign are easily recognizable by a tree diagram that provides an at-a-glance view of the entire workflow, directly from the main menu.


More to come…


We have ambitious plans and are working hard behind the scenes to share more cutting-edge features with you in the near future.


One of the features coming up next is eye-tracking. This consists of calculating the success rate of marketing emails in terms of layout. With this technology, you will be able to apply the best practices of email design based on real data, eliminating that guesswork!


We also have a UX optimization in the pipeline, which comes in the form of a universal search field. This field is accessible from top navigation of every page, and will allow you to easily search across all sections of the app. The search results are displayed instantly, creating shortcuts to various elements, such as campaigns, databases, email templates, and statistics.


In addition to developing advanced technology, we also want to emphasise our dedication to providing high-quality, personalized support. With this combination, it is our mission to continue delivering marketing excellence to you, and to all our users.


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