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22 Plugins to connect Mailify to all of your tools

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Did you know that you can connect Mailify to many external tools in order to improve your productivity?

Mailify is a versatile software. It works with an API and Webhooks that enable communication and information exchange with other marketing solutions.

Therefore, using Mailify, you may be able to synchronize your contact lists, blacklists, statistics and even your campaigns  with your everyday tools: online stores, CRM, builders, utility apps…

Some of these apps are directly integrated into the software; others require the use of Zapier, an external app whose function is to provide interconnectivity between apps. 

With Zapier you can create gateways (called «Zaps») that explore the APIs of other applications in order to make them interact with each other and synchronize them. This operation is very simple to perform and does not require any specific skills. That’s why we chose to work with Zapier.


Mailify plugins

Here is a list of apps that can be connected to Mailify. This is not a comprehensive list, so we suggest you to share any app you think would be missing, in case you don’t find what you are looking for below .

 Connect your online/ecommerce business

    • Magento: Your Mailify contact lists will receive data from your Magento account in real time, enabling you to make targeted email marketing (rewarding your customers’ loyalty, for example).
    • Prestashop: This plugin enables you to retrieve your customers’ data so that you can create email and SMS campaigns.
    • Shopify: This plugin also helps you retrieving your customers’ data for future email and SMS campaigns. 

Increase your productivity

These plugins are meant to make your work easier and to create shortcuts between Mailify and some more «utility» tools, widely used in marketing and commerce.

  • Google Analytics: This connection is almost essential for plenty of businesses. It analyzes the traffic generated in your website that comes from your Mailify campaigns and shows it directly in your Google Analytics account.
  • Excel and Google Sheets: these two plugins allow you to synchronize your spreadsheets with your contact lists in Mailify (via Zapier).
  • Slack: It enables you to automate collaborative processes and send notifications in Slack, based on events that occur in Mailify. You can activate this plugin via Zapier.
  • Gmail: It enables you to automate your sendings, add contacts and place your Gmail contacts in your Mailify lists (and vice versa). It may be activated through Zapier.


Synchronize your CRM with Mailify

Mailify can be connected to your CRM solutions in order to facilitate contact data management and to streamline your workflow, avoiding exports and imports of unwanted contacts.

  • Microsoft Dynamics: It synchronizes data between Mailify and Microsoft Dynamics to help you recover your contacts and the information they receive.
  • HubSpot: It allows you to execute actions with HubSpot based on the information reported by Mailify. Besides, it makes the synchronization of the recipient lists possible. 
  • Salesforce: Once again, this plugin is activated through Zapier, and it lets you synchronize your databases between both apps, with the aim of achieving a more specific segmentation.
  • Pipedrive: It synchronizes your Pipedrive CRM solution with Mailify through Zapier, so you can retrieve data from your contact lists.
  • Sellsy: As in the previous cases, the connection to Sellsy is made via Zapier and it allows you to recover your contacts’ data directly from your Mailify contact lists, and vice versa.


Connect Mailify to your websites


The following plugins allow you to create interactions between Mailify and your other websites, making it easier to integrate your email software.

  • WordPress: It allows you to retrieve email addresses and contact data from your blog or website in WordPress by automatically importing them into your Mailify lists.
  • Wix: It integrates the contact forms created in Mailify onto your Wix website, so that your subscribers be placed directly in your contact lists . It may be very useful to collect data and build a database from your website.


Improve your newsletters with these plugins

We have implemented specific plugins to add special content blocks through connections to external tools, thus making your emails even more effective and attractive.

  • YouTube: This plugin allows you to add YouTube videos to your newsletters to encourage your contacts.
  • Google Maps: This plugin is very convenient for your invitation emails, because it allows you to integrate Google Maps’ world maps directly into the body of your message.
  • SpamAssassin: We have directly integrated a SpamAssassin plugin into our EmailBuilder. This allows you to test your message and  predict its probability of reaching the inbox.

Other useful plugins

These plugins allow you to enhance your experience with Mailify by connecting the software with other useful tools. 

  • Zapier: It’s the plugin designed to connect Mailify with Zapier.
  • Ninja Forms: It allows you to import data from your Ninja Forms into Mailify through Zapier. Feel free to test the Mailify form editor.
  • Facebook Lead Ads & LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms: With these two plugins activated , Mailify may obtain subscribers’ data on Facebook and LinkedIn advertising forms for your contact lists. The connection is made through Zapier. 

As mentioned above, this is not a comprehensive list and will be updated regularly


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