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7 Benefits of Email Marketing That Can Help Your SEO Efforts

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It isn’t easy to imagine a more straightforward marketing tool than an email campaign. As an SEO, you probably think that it cannot be useful during your performance boosting. But be sure that emails could be at the same level of effectiveness as site links, SERPs, and keyword research. Usually, email marketing is applied for engagement, but if you use your creativity, the ROI on your email promotion will be worth all your efforts.


Relevant email content plays a vital role during your off-site SEO optimization as it could attract your target customers to your website. So, let’s check the most significant advantages of email marketing campaigns and increase your search engine ranking.



1. Create stable and relevant traffic to your site


One of the main advantages of email promotion is the attraction of active customers. The primary target is the users who will be involved on the platform. That is why your emails should be personalized as your potential consumers want to receive valuable and engaging content that will match their interests. And now, you can be confident that your emails are not just making traffic to your site but also attracting a targeted audience that is more likely to increase your revenue.


Additionally, you can apply a segmented mailing. It will be simpler to handle if you offer a choice to your audience. For instance, you ask to choose what material they would like to receive: sales notification, new product announcements, etc. In this way, you will get an opportunity to produce unique content for each sector’s interests and preferences. Your search range will become better over time, and it depends on how successfully you provide your readers with the content that meets their interests.


2. Improve your bounce rates


Single- engagement visits to your resource negatively impact its ratings. Search engines collect data on how long people stay on sites and the percentage of them leave it without reviewing your content. This is the “bounce” effect, and the lower this number, the better. Check your analytics dashboard and review the KPIs that help to measure the success of a campaign. If your bounce rate higher than 50-60 % of your guests, it is time to do something about this problem.


For example, employ multimedia files as they can hold viewers’ attention for longer. Try to experiment with embedded video clips, slides, etc. Or you can improve the readability of your content to get visitors’ engagement and make sure that the written content is catchy and easy on the eyes. Try to make shorter paragraphs, use subheadings for text segmentation, and use bullet points for better scannability. An outstanding copy will catch attention at first sight. And then, by connecting to your content in email news sheets, you will learn what your audience finds valuable. Thus, you attract users that are more interested in your content.


3. Use backlinks


It’s obvious – the more inbound links you build, the greater is your domain authority. A high DA provides higher credibility to your site. Besides, backlinks are one of the most crucial aspects of your SEO efforts’ success. You will be able to get a niche for your brand after your platform gets visibility and credibility.

If you want to get natural links, it is a great option to use professional online backlink makers that will help you to place your website on the first page of Google search results. Create an email campaign to send out all the relevant information that leads to your platform in the future.


4. Don’t forget to mention links to your social media platforms


By this approach, you can simply create search traffic through the social media pages. By providing your targeted audience with valuable content, you boost the potential chances that it will be shared through social media networks. Users can use incorporated links and share the information on their accounts. It will drastically improve your visibility, as well as boost the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.


5. Utilize your email content


Email promotion is only a start. You can collect your email content and modify it into a blog post. It is safer to keep all the information on a website rather than in the mailbox. You can archive it on your website and offer access to your readers, so they always will have the possibility to review some pieces of text by searching with keywords. Despite you researching the prime time for sending out emails, there is still an unfortunately high chance of reaching the audience at an inappropriate time when a person isn’t ready to be engaged. Most probably, no one will search for it later at a more opportune moment. You see why it’s crucial to have all data that you shared before on your website for future needs. This is what this website for photo retouching did. They posted copies of their emails on the site and now 13% of users view them not through email, but on the site, thereby increasing traffic and sales.


6. CTA is your power


Email marketing messages are an efficient platform for a call to action, which will motivate your readers to actually take action upon reading your content. Offer them different sharing and visiting options, such as:


  • The post’s sharing;
  • Visiting your site, blog, or store;
  • Subscribing to your newsletter;
  • Asking a question;
  • Reaching out to you via other social media networks, etc.


7. Take feedback


It is considered a good practice to share questionnaires with your audience via emails since acquired information will increase your business ranking higher in the long run. Besides, your clients will have a chance to review your product or services in their natural language, so in the future, people will use the same keywords. This helps in boosting long keywords coming right from the customer.


One more obvious benefit of collecting reviews is exploring areas for improvement. Like simple feedback, it could provide you a fresh view on things that should be changed or improved. And if you take some actions, your email promotion efforts will enhance your SEO strategy.


Consider using different services, like, that could create robust email marketing solutions for you. Thus, you get full support and many useful tips, so don’t be afraid to rely on specialists.


Email promotion is a method to link qualified guests with your first-class content. And as we made sure, you can use lots of techniques to improve your positions and search visibility. Your email marketing efforts should consider what you’re trying to get with SEO and should be created in a most high-quality way. Produce unique content, use division, and personalize approaches to get outstanding results and raise your SEO performance.



Author: Marie Barnes is a writer for gearyoda. She is an enthusiastic blogger interested in writing about technology, social media, work, travel, lifestyle, and current affairs.

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