flux-rss | Mailify Blog http://blog.mailify.es Flux RSS Mailify.es 12 Best Tips To Send The Perfect Newsletter In this article, we have attempted to summarize a broad reminder of the best practices in email marketing. Here are 12 absolutely crucial points for successful newsletters.   1. Use A Professional Email Marketing Tool   Before you start creating newsletters, you should know that it is a must to use a suitable email marketing […] http://blog.mailify.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/illu-faire-une-newsletter-1.jpg http://blog.mailify.com/email-marketing/12-best-tips-to-send-the-perfect-newsletter/ Case Study: Interview With Oriol Duarri From OnlySushi Mailify: Interview with Oriol Duarri from OnlySushi   Eating delicious and fresh sushi has never been this simple with Only Sushi, a successful home delivery service in Barcelona. We have asked Oriol Duarri, Digital Marketing Manager of the brand, to tell us a little more about the company and his work within the company. In […] http://blog.mailify.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/oriol2-750x400-1-copie.png http://blog.mailify.com/email-marketing/case-study-interview-with-oriol-duarri-from-onlysushi/ 6 Key Steps To Customer Loyalty Through Email Marketing   6 basic steps for customer loyalty with Email marketing   “Recent studies show that 75% of corporate email campaigns are made to retain customers. Email marketing is the most effective channel in terms of engagement.”   1. Own database to send email campaigns   The first thing to keep in mind when creating your […] http://blog.mailify.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/6-claves-para-fidelizar-con-emailing-750x400.jpg http://blog.mailify.com/email-marketing/6-key-steps-to-customer-loyalty-through-email-marketing/ 99 Spam Words To Ban From Your Campaign   99 toxic words to avoid in your  email marketing campaigns   The main objective of any email campaign is to not end up in the spam box. There are various factors for a campaign to be found in the spam box,  but there is one easy way to avoid it : Choosing the right language […] http://blog.mailify.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/responsive-featured-image-spam-750x400.png http://blog.mailify.com/email-marketing/spamwords-to-forbid-from-campaign/ Key Statistics In Email Marketing Planning an email marketing strategy is not just about creating campaigns and sending them. It’s an entire phase of analysis essential to understand the issues of email marketing.   Statistics To Create Effective Email Marketing Campaign   We bring you a list of basic and most important statistics for your business that can contribute to […] http://blog.mailify.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/estadisticas-crear-emailing-750x400-1.jpg http://blog.mailify.com/email-marketing-stats/key-statistics-in-email-marketing/ Mailify Cheers New Customers With a 2-Week Discount Mailify offers once again exceptional discounts during 2 weeks, in order to allow everyone to embark on email marketing, at the cheapest cost.   On this occasion, all email credit packages come with a -25% discount from April 18th to 30th for any new customer. This represents a genuine opportunity for SME managers or small business marketing managers […] http://blog.mailify.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/illu.jpg http://blog.mailify.com/mailify-news/mailify-2-week-discount/